DR Art

You best not forget about V-D yo’: 

250x250 Happy Valentine's Day with LOVE
Trump Art

Buddy DR reminder– The Struggle is Real


 Create Vivacious Narcissism:

Create Vivacious Narcissism

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Many may consider such exceptional aesthetic beauty as simple manipulations of technology.  However, I assure all that their his a creative method employed.  These works are heavily steeped in symbolism.   But, when it comes to art–to each their own.  Although rest assured the expression in one’s mind is always a rewarding endeavor.

Enjoy or don’t, who cares?  A great truth: we are all one day closer to our eventual end–thus, why fight over such foolish things as defining art?

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It: 

like life depends on it

Here’s a variety of my other tasteful creations: 

TheDR World pic bust a nut 07 April 2018


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Finally, enjoy some more provocatively outlandish pieces: 

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