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TheDR.World is dedicated to self-expression, creativity, and presenting a unique voice to the world.  To all, if you got something to say, a message, or an expression to the world–we challenge you to have the guts to step up–prove it.


In Comparison: Your Drawing Sucks


The Struggle to Bust a Nut




Memo to Nunes: You Fail at Conspiracy

Imagine: A Choice to Nowhere (and it’s All Right)

Phobia: Nothing to Fear

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Heartless Holiday: Not A Poem Poem

War, Death, Religion: A DR’s Truth on E.D. #3


Go on, Stick it to “the man.”

TheDR.World is accepting donations in hope of doing away with having any responsibility or relationship with ad services. We feel that worrying about "the man" stifles creativity. As such, we're taking donations in $1 dollar increments but you can donate as much as you want. Once we reached our goal, we will pull all the ads off the page.



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