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Videos You Will Enjoy–Probably (NSFW)

 Videos, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Full Metal Jacket, Raging Bull, Bullwinkle, Bob Ross, Gooodfellas


Enjoy a list of a few forgotten or maybe never seen videos. These great clips feature a Raging Bull…winkle, some ether, an artist, a joker, actually two jokers–but don’t tell Tommy that he’s a “funny guy.”

First up, a short parody of Raging Bull.  With only slight modifications, the theme of the video stays true to the original scene.  To those that have not watched ‘Raging Bull’–check it out.  The black & white film still holds up to time while recounting the harsh reality of the late boxing champion Jake LaMotta.

You sucked Mr. Peabody’s cock?


Next up, not a parody of anything, just a straight-up adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.  Although not much a box office smash, the movie is what one would consider, like the late Mr. Thompson, a cult classic.

“We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.”


Two movies in one?  The following scene comes from Full Metal Jacket.  The movie recounts the Vietnam era in a distinct manner.  The “cool” part of the film features the good Gunnery Sergeant hazing Marine recruits in a somewhat true to form–well, as it used to be.

Who the f*ck said that? … Now, let me see your “war face.”:



NSFW: What can be said about the late Bob Ross?   Let’s see, he’s a legend for doing what he did–let’s put a pretty little tree over here–phenomenal.  Here might be a few things that many likely do not know about Mr. Ross.  For starters, he spent 20-years in the Air Force before his rise to fame as the nice painting fellow that remains universally loved by all.

The next clip is dedicated to the spirit of Bob Ross and his classic show The Joy of Painting.  Be warned, there is a lady with a thong exposed butt–but it is a joke.  So, if that is not your thing, please don’t watch.  But Bob would want everyone to laugh, he was a happy fellow.

Let’s put a happy little whisper right over here:


Until next time, be one of the Goodfellas.

Now, go home and get your f*ckin’ shine-box: