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Video (Part 2) + Few New Creations


Eyes in the Sky (Can See You)

To understand the world, one must first understand the shortcomings within and then quantify that number by billions. Who knows what that means, but it sounds deep, perhaps contrite, with a hint of remorse and self-loathing. For the greatest truth ever told was likely deemed a lie, and the greatest lie was probably an ultimate truth.

Oh, there it was again, a repeat of complexity that is not really all that perplexing.
The main thesis to Eyes in the Sky (Can See You) is self-reflection. To understand this principle, perspective is important. The layout of the creation attempts to establish the mood and setting of the inner-self visualized. Please note, the viewer (or self) is unseen below looking up toward the turbulent clouds as they pass overhead. Ultimately, the viewer is actually a lonely spot of land or a solo-world, the viewer is their own world. Thus, with an understanding of perspective, one can then determine that the clouds, the turbulence found above is actually created, unique to the one-world below. As for those faces flowing through the distressed skies, they are a result of the cloud commotion. In other words, I created this piece to reveal my own internal struggle.

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As a solo-onlooker, my own isolated world, the clouds flowing above represent my feelings and emotions. The faces, which are modeled after my own, represent neverending self-condemnations that stem from dark visceral passions and disturbances. It is important to realize, despite only four faces being visible, these faces are ongoing and endless as they directly reflect stressors, such as anxiety, depression, self-hatred, despair, misery, loneliness, and a never-ending combination of self-alienation/resentment.

Also, please note as the faces look down on the viewer, they can “see you” the real you. Although the viewer cannot be seen by potential onlookers from above because of the shielding, perhaps protective covering of the clouds– the faces they can “see you” and their view cannot be obscured. They know you, the real you.

Dickish DR is one of my personally favorite creations. As his name implies, he’s not a total dick just sorta “dickish.” Dickish can often be somewhat humorous.

Buddy DR is not intentionally dickish, but he represents someone that has the right idea in mind, heart in the correct place, but still might come across as being accidentally “dickish” in his own right.

Please enjoy part 2 of My First Street Brawl or don’t, whatever works for you:

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True Story: My First Street Brawl (Video)

Welcome to a True Story from TheDR.World. Enjoy the shennanigans of a reality that most folks will never be fortunate (or unlucky?) enough to ever experience. It is good being the king, even when you are even royalty. The concept makes sense if one really thinks without overthinking.

Meet someone that you have not grown to hate… YET:

The following events really happened, I shit you not. This is the first of the two part story of My First Street Brawl. Please enjoy a real-life tale from a dude that seen, done, and been part of all kinds uniquely crazy but sometimes wonderful situations.

The second part (the better of the two) is done and will be forthcoming. It largely dependent on audience demand. No demand = I take my sweet ass time to drop the finale. As for the first video, well, it’s the “set up” and TheDR.World assures you the second part of the story– is both somewhat enthralling and features a few twists and characters– ya will not likely see coming.

Remember fiction is often more ludicrous than make-believe.

As a reminder, please consider buying either sponsor products or wide array of unique artififacts for future generations to covet.

PS, I have been writing but have not been publishing many works. Part of this is due to the lack of audience participation. The more you do, the more it motivates me to post. However, either way, I will still do passion projects just because I want to.

Much love and mad respect,


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TheDR.World Exposes Aquaman (Video)

Never be afraid to do anything, ever. With that spirit in mind, please check out the first video from TheDR.World.

Learn all about the ugly truth behind the “real” Aquaman. Also, do not forget to check out TheDR.World sponsors, chuck a buck or two, and pass this video or whatever along to your friends or foes alike, it’s all good, even when it’s not, it still is aight.

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As for the following, it is all meant in good fun, good humor. However, like, love, or hate it– meh? See above, it’s all good, even when it’s not.

Creativity is both a solo reward and a curse, but it is better to dream too much than not enough. When facing life choices, one should aim too high than too low. Never settle or surrender just because few or none believe in you, believe in your ambitions and talents. Whether one succeeds or fails is not necessarily the most important aspect, there is fun to have along the journey, remember to soak it in, (wo)man.

Please feel free to share your feedback or offer your encouragement. Indifference really sucks. There is nothing worse than being a mere blah in a gigantic full of blah.

Anybody check E-Harmony out? If so, please let me know how it works… cool? No reason to POF it up all the time, ya gotta “class” up, sometimes. #HAHA

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Hypothetically True Insult of the Ego

“You suck,” said the man.

“Oh, yeah? I will show you,” says the ego.

The ego has nothing to do with reality.  Therefore, one must learn not to take things so “personally.”  After all, it’s not about you, it’s all about me, buddy.   

Of course, the hypocrisy within such a belief may be evident– but it is also an everyday reality. One may allow themselves to be sucked into this type of a character death fall.

Happy V-Day or not, whatever.

Practice your best Samuel L. Jackson impression of being “tired of all these motherf*ckin'” zombies on a plane:

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Zombies on a Plane (PC)

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Once upon a real reality, yours truly would find myself locked in a frustration-filled bout that, eventually, would defeat and topple the old me. The aforementioned fact is not something I am proud of, as attention whoredom has never been a part of my “deal.”  Yet, the consideration craved would not be from friends wishing to offer encouragement that better days lie ahead for the then-present train-wreck shit show, known as me. 

No, the coveted audience was one particular, specific person, but none of my narratives would ever hit the eyes of the intended target. Hopes of feelings understood would turn to frustration, frustration to periods of upset, and so forth and so on the downward spiraling evolution would continue. The entire situation was a set-up.

Someone trusted saw an opportunity to wield secrets-shared as an offensive weaponized tactic. In the end, the ploy was merely a means to derive a desireable cold-hearted excuse for one’s preferred d-baggery.

Well played.

In hindsight, my initial mess up, a mistake turned sword to slay that which is me.    For later, the errors made would be admitted to with attempted apologizes to clarify my previous position would certainly not read on in as an adequate manner.   That’s right, yours truly would not be given the time to use my “real” voice to plead my case.   Instead, all my efforts, every single one… would be met with chirp, chirp, and more chirps of nothingness. 

Certainly, there must have been some underlying or hidden intent– and yep, like a sucker, I fell for it, dupe annihilation.

Along the way, I would realize the error of my ways, the mistake of allowing another person to pull my strings and choose my attitude as a means of exploitation.

Now, I choose my attitude, no more falling victim to the same trick.    For it then, and only then, my power would be reclaimed to rise above whatever troubles may come my way.   I encourage and remind all those that may find themselves in a similar situation– YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   There are many of us, less than perfect, living this world without a pamphlet– WE MAKE MISTAKES.    But some, like myself, refuse to stay down, to give up, or to ever quit on one’s self– always keep pushing, hang in there until better days come along.

As a wise man once said:

The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.

Marsellus Wallace

The Moral of the Story

Typically, this is the crushing finale that wishes to impart some sort of grand lesson learned or wisdom. A self-pretentious opportunity for utilizing the standard lines of chipperness that are commonly accepted, seem happy enough, and most importantly– encourage said complainer to shut the f*ck up. It is within the end of whining, the sage can get back to talking about “more important things” such as themselves or those new shoes they simply “must” have. One should never trust those relying upon the simplest narratives to purify and pacify, for these tactics are not helpful, they do not work. It’s all a means to allow another to feel good about themselves while encouraging someone to shut the f*ck up.

As for me… I did not learn jack shit. If anything, an old axiom that applies would be “there are three sides to every story: mine, yours, and the truth.” Well, that would be correct, except only my side of the story has ever been presented to me. Hence, it seems only natural that my side + complete silence = the truth is whatever I wish it to be. My reality is time does not heal all wounds as I remain hollow but yet not bitter.

For I awake each day doing my best to keep chugging along (while not being a dick) with an internal hollowness which makes it more difficult to arise from the “right side” of the bed.

My hollowness stems from the discovery that I do not matter in the eyes of a once-believed bonded confidant and friend. Despite not being dead, yours truly was discarded, ignored, and dismissed as if I were. Being one slow to open up to others, it took a while to let the aforementioned person in, then shortly later– out of nowhere, KAPUT. That fact really sucks. However, it does not impact my view of the world or of others as I realize one person’s assholishness is 100% on them and nobody else. In this particular case, I am not even bitter toward this a-hole– because yours truly is not the one that actually sucks. For some unexplained reason, this guilt-free knowledge of not being in the wrong seems to make the day a tad bit brighter.

Hmm, if there is a moral to the tale, it might be, no matter what happens in life– try not to suck.

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5 Random Thoughts: 09 Feb 2019

Greetings and salutations, friends, strangers, and enemies alike, welcome to 5 Random Thoughts. Yours truly cannot promise each thought will apply or be of interest to every reader, but can promise at least one or two points made will resonate with most folks (always got that one unimpressed “guy” better known as the dick in the crowd).

  • Get over yourself. Whatever the problem might be, just get over yourself. That is not to say one should accept all the shit that comes their way nor is to make light of legitimate life problems and challenges. There are certainly lots of struggles in the world, some such struggles may seem or be too much for one person to handle, it happens to the best of people, it’s the grim face of life. BUT the point is THIS– whatever problem or challenge one faces, do not allow yourself to be your own biggest obstacle in overcoming these harsh realities.
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Yours truly may not be a “doctor” but I am a DR and that counts for something. Here’s the deal, to those too uptight, too hard and non-believers of their own self– STOP THAT SHIT. Garbage in = Garbage out, dumb dumb. Sorry for the name calling, but think of it as a necessry attention getter. Accept your own limitations, that’s a must, but never sell yourself short, okay? Do not be afraid of failure, as it happens, but one can never succeed without facing up to the possibility of rejection. Stop being so uptight.

Conversely, to those that are not focused enough to commit to doing things they claim they wish to do in life– stop f*cking around and get to work.

For instance, if one wishes to be a lawyer or a rodeo clown or a professional jizz mopper– it takes time, effort, and work– as most things do not magically just happen overnight. In other words, if wishing to reach a given objective, taking any step forward to meet that aspiration = one step closer to achieving the desired end game. Sorry for being all preachy, but the whole point of this particular thought is an internal balance, find your own “sweet spot” between the drunk and uptight versions of yourself and go kick some ass, won’t you?

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The following is an example of yours truly punching upward to support a fellow writer in response to the following tweet:

Enough of my self-righteous bullshit, at least until the bitter end

  • Lately, I have been stumbling upon a whole slew of really interesting or funny writings. Of all the wonderful works, phrases, and humorous ponderings, there is only “one.” The funniest/best/most fantastic phrase that pays of my recent read ramblings is…

“You sir are an unsung hero! Good for you for taking one for the team and fucking that poor disfigured woman.”

This is a random user comment inside a much larger conversation (I will send the link upon request but otherwise, ya gotta find such wonderful treasure yourself!)

For whatever it is worth, that dude’s comment is both applicable, and his conclusion is surprisingly correct. Remember to tell those oft-forgotten unsung heroes, “Thank you for taking one for the team, boss.”

Please allow me to make something explicitly clear since there is no more Google connection, and people do not buy shit from TheDR.World or any of my few, basically free, sponsors– I no longer care all that much about being entertaining, informative, or inspirational to anyone, more or less, but myself. That is not a complaint, only a mere reminder that IF I’m gonna work for free or to pay for it… then, I’m gonna enjoy doing so, my way. Like it, love it, or hate it– whatever, that is cool. Be love, be hate, just please do not be indifferent or dull.

  • Very Bad Things.     Dedicated to the unknown dude that shook my world as he(she) mowed down my neighbor’s tree early in the morning while totaling his own sweet Floridan-tagged ride.

As I encroached the vehicle, I swear, the deployed passenger airbag looked like a dude’s head. But turns out, despite a busted windshield, a blaring radio, and the vehicle doors closed– there was nobody in the car. Poof. I’m sure there is a good rest of the story, but I don’t know what that is but shall assume it shall always remain a mystery.

As for the movie, Very Bad Things, is a grand display of the butterfly effect that stems from horrible choices. Despite receiving terrible reviews and being overlooked by most of humanity, the 1998 movie is often viewed as being a hollow mean-spirited cinematic failure.

Sure, there are noticeable gaffes within the movie both visually and within the plot-line. Also, to casual viewing, the film might seem as if it is a simple narrative of cold-hearted brutality. Despite such limitations, examination of a keen eye will oft-reveal Very Bad Things is a great telling of relatively decent folk led astray by their individual flaws. As not to spoil the movie for the yet to view but now curious types, the whole greatness to Very Bad Things is the snowball effect gained through an initial lack of personal courage to do the “right” thing.

IF, at any time, any character chose to display some true courage, everything else that follows would be null and void. That my friends, that is a good moral tale.

Government & Police Auctions-Automobiles

Other off the radar movies yours truly enjoys, just a partial list, includes Rushmore, Heathers, 12 Monkeys, Death to Smoochy, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

***It must be noted, movies like Fargo grew on me over time, but The Crying Game, still sucks, just my personal belief, nothing less, nothing more. ***

To stick with the movie theme, yours truly recently wrote to one of the fellows overseeing a proposed remake.
To those that guessed the flick to be The Toxic Avenger, that would be a BINGO! The purpose of my message to the producer was my explicit desire to be a part of the re-writing of the eventual new release (oh, it will come). Of course, I have not received any response to my request, but who cares? It is a passion project and one of only 2 movies I would ever consider being a part of any reboot. The other movie, would be Natural Born Killers, period.

  • A Natural Born Killers remake. Conceptually, the movie is wonderful. The script was written by none other than Quentin Tarantino and stars Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, and wonderful guest appearances from big time stars. The main reason a reboot would work, in my view, is the choice of Oliver Stone as the film’s director. Stone seemed to understand the underlying theme of Tarantino’s masterpiece but he fails in visually capturing the essence of the plot. Unfortunately, there is one great detriment the original would have over any future remakes– Rodney Dangerfield. Mr. Dangerfield is perfectly cast as the main female antagonist’s abusive rapist father. It would be dang near impossible to find anyone else to play that part any better than Rodney Dangerfield.
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A Sincere Closing:

The following was originally posted on TheDR.World Facebook page, but it seems worthy enough to share:

I just heard the news that my cousin died from his cancer. In times of tragedy, words seem hollow, non-helpful, non-necessary.

In this particular case, I always liked my cousin & his twin sister, yet, there’s nothing for me to say that would matter. Personally, I continue to watch memories of my childhood continue to grow more distant, broken and dismembered by the reality of time, distance, and life itself. But this situation is not about me, for that, I do know.

In the spirit of my cousin, his family, and all his loved ones, I wish to simply ask folks to be proactive in taking care of themselves, whether that’s through routine physical checkups or seeking mental health assistance. Please do the best you can, while you can, for both yourself, family, and your loved ones. Thank you.

A Little Light can go a Long Way
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Top 10 Gems from the Misfits

Valentine’s Day is coming, you best get on it:

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Top 10 Gems From the Misfits

The 1980s would be the best of times, the worst of times a pivotal decade of transition between the 1970s free-loving hippies discovering what truly matters most in life: Money is everything, greed is good, nothing is free.

It was during the 1980s that the yesteryear hippy would find their authentic yuppy selves. Apparently, the hippies only wanted “free-love” when they were high and did not have the money to purchase top-shelf poontang. Once they got their youthful fill of drugs and “free love” they would enjoy their right to play hard on their earned yachts, which could only get upgraded by taking the “fair share” from future generations. A “war on drugs” would conveniently begin to fill the increasing for-profit prison systems, a liveable minimum wage would grow into an unreasonable demand, and anyone that dare complain against such systemic greed would be easily shouted down as spilled milk of whining “socialists.”

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The eighties would also see the phasing out of the bell-bottom pants and the Burt Reynolds/Ron Jeremy/Magnum P.I. bear-hair man rug chests. The classic handsome fur-man would be overtaken by the pretty headed mulleted chap showing off shaved dude breasts and tummy tums by wearing their far too comfortable cropped, half shirts.

Do not laugh ladies, for the 80s woman was no better.

It was all too common to see the 1980s matrons in active competition to grow their towering hair of Babylons to the sky, kept in place, with so much hairspray that it broke the Ozone layer. Plus, a typical sight from the eighties lady was the pancake of so much makeup, one would often be left to wonder if she was either on her way to a costume party or on her way home from some kind of freakish Crayola gangbang (yeah, that was not a typo, you read it correctly).

Throughout the decadent decade, a wall would fall, significant explosions would occur, and the omen to the 1990s kids would be seen by the 1980s death of a dreamer.

The music of the day was a fine representation of the era metamorphosis. The 1980s saw a vast explosion of music with the invention of something known as MTV.  Video would kill the radio star, with an explosion– a new music revolution was everywhere, to even include the cartoons. The reconstruction began as a “Celebration” as everything was all Kool and The Gang… but by the 1990s, only those to expect the roses were those that also held the guns. The newest generation of youth would learn along the discovery to Nirvana, a harsh lesson of an “I Hate Myself and Wanna Die” reality.

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One of the better known “rock” cartoons remains the 1980s Jem and The Holograms.

Jem and her crew were supposed to be the stars of the show, but let’s be honest, their songs were weak, pretentious, and lame fluffy tunes meant for a mindless group of sameness. With songs such as It Depends on the Mood I’m In, Believe/Don’t Believe, Beat This, Truly Outrageous, and I Believe in Happy Endings, Jem and the Holograms reveal the nature of their soulless rah-rah lyrical blandness.

NOTE: Believe, don’t believe, I too believe in happy endings far more truly outrageous, so J & the H-grams can beat this.

To further solidify how terrible the band is, what kind of group calls itself “the Holograms” when it features blood and guts people? Oh, perhaps the Hologram label is a clever way to say– it is all about Jem, the bandmates do not matter as they are all the same, so who cares? Jem, Jem, Jem, she is the one star, Jem is the gem.

Anyone familiar with the show knows Jem’s “rock” group was anything but. Their songs were pop at best, and hell, the Jem “theme” song featured verses such as:

Jem (Jem is excitement)
Ooh, Jem (Jem is adventure)
Ooh (glamour and glitter, fashion and fame)
Jem (Jem is truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous)
Whoa, Jem (Jem), the music’s contagious (outrageous)
Jem is my name, no one else is the same
Jem is my name

Jem and the Holograms Theme Song Lyrics

Thankfully, a trio would save the world by refusing to remain silent as they would interrupt and save the theme from Jem’s narcissistic self-glorification by announcing, straight up:

But we’re The Misfits
Our songs are better
We are The Misfits, The Misfits
And we’re gonna get her

Jem and The Holograms Theme Song Video

Unlike the “heroic” self-absorbed, Jem, the Misfits made it clear; they are a group. A collection of outcasts hell-bent on defeating the fake, phony, pretentious, good girl fraudster known as Jem. True to their word, through lyrical honesty and diverse melodies, the Misfits songs are better than Jem’s.

Need a second opinion? Well, here are 6-reasons WHY THE MISFITS WERE THE REAL STARS OF ‘JEM’ 

Unlike the fluffy-lyrics of Jem, the Misfits songs had attitude, real lyrics, and most importantly were honest. The Misfits were the same hard-edged, bad-ass chicks off stage as they were on. Like Michael Bolton on Michael Bolton, that’s how TheDR.World celebrates the entire musical catalog of The Misfits, so, there is no way yours truly can list only 10 great songs. Therefore, TheDR.World will utilize someone else’s list… without further ado:

Top 10 Gems From the Misfits

Honorable mention: I Love A Scandal

10. I Like Your Style

9. I Am a Giant

8. Top of the Charts

7. You Oughta See the View From Here

6. Listen Up

5. Designing Woman

4. We’re Off & Runnin’

3. How Does it Feel?

2. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

1. Free & Easy

11 Great Songs That Prove The Misfits Were Better At Girl Power Than Jem (Videos of each song included on the link)

There it is, the list of 10 best songs from the Misfits. Please do not be shy to share your opinions on Jem, the Holograms, the Misfits, and the Top 10 list.

To anyone disappointed the list of Misfits in this writing is not the punk band from Lodi, New Jersey– do not fret, do not fear, TheDR.World is going to hook ya up too. However, the next list will not be just a straight forward top-10 list. Nah, that’d be too easy, too bland, and frankly, some bullshit a Jem-type writer might try to pull on the reader, just like the Misfits over Jem, theDR.World’s writing is better.

Speaking of better, either get to finding something for V-D or learn to BangGood. Enjoy

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Do You Even Science, Bro?

It’s almost V-Day, dude, best get on it, bro– or else… you probably can expect not to be getting on it, bro:

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Do You Even Science, Bro?

Do You Even Science, Bro?

An old saying states one should avoid talking about politics and religion. No matter how many reminders of such a statement, way too many are going to ignore the sage advice. Therefore, please consider before engaging in such “friendly” political or religious banter asking:

“What am I trying to achieve by convincing someone else that my views are right?”

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If one does not have a satisfactory answer, then, why bother to engage others within possible inflammatory situations– without any good reason to do so? Furthermore, a battle of uninformed opinions is a waste of time for there are no viable solutions. Even agreements of ignorant views within a group may seem acceptable or as “right” but still remain an untruth.

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If one wishes to have a sincere dialogue, then, do so.   However, if one only wants to prove someone else’s position or ideology is weak or inferior– you’re likely an asshole, so stop, do not do that– it’s not nice.   Instead of engaging in an empty debate that goes nowhere or turns into a low-level philosophical brawl, how about refocus and try something new?   For example, consider the following hypothetical conversation between a creationist and an evolutionist.  

First, realize the usual creation vs. evolution argument is both unreasonable and unnecessary. These concepts have nothing to do with each other; they are two different things. So, instead of engaging in an irrational conversation destined for nowhere, refocus the dialogue.

Step two, the easy step, understand that effective communication requires truth, fact, and a coherent concentration to express an idea or information. As such, in our creation/evolution case, the evolutionist may wish to describe real, provable details about environmental evolution. Consider the following as a few of the many diverse intrigues found within the animal kingdom.

***A frozen Alaskan Tree frog.

Did you know there some frogs, that freeze, their bodies shut down as they enter into a suspended animation state? Once their environment warms, they will eventually thaw and come “back” to life. This ability is not common among most frog species; it is a derived function of necessity. The frog species that live in colder climates have gained this genetic superpower by evolving to increase their survivability. Freezing frogs are just one fascinating example of environmental evolution. In the name of fun, how about another tale, a little more frightening, than that of the cute frozen frogs?

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Imagine a land where every 3 feet one would encounter the deadliest of vipers with venom so toxic– its bite, is not only lethal, it melts the human skin.

Such a frightening reality does exist, just off the coast of Brazil is a place known as “Snake Island.” Estimates claim that for every one square meter (that’s a little over 10 square feet which is roughly equal to a three by three-foot square) there sits at least one of the world’s most deadliest snakes, the Golden Lancehead viper. To those wondering, how the snakes came to rule this island, well, the answer is through a simple stroke of shifting luck.

Snake Island also is known by the given name of Queimada Grande is believed a result of rising sea levels which cut off the area to the Brazilian mainland. This disconnect created a problem for the newly island-dweller viper population. Since there was no substantial land prey, the snakes had to, and still must, rely upon the native bird population to sustain their livelihood. To meet the new environmental challenges, the Golden Lancehead would have to adapt too.

Over time, the snake’s venom would become five times stronger than it’s closest genetic relatives. Unlike many vipers, the Golden Lancehead does not inject, release, and then track its dying prey. Instead, this snake injects and does not free the victim. Therefore the snakes’ powerful toxins are essential to rapidly break down the tissue to allow digestion of the meal-to-be. For this reason is why the snake’s venom had to intensify far beyond its closest, non-island, relatives. However, there are still a lot of scientific-mysteries surrounding the Golden Lancehead of Snake Island.

Snake Island is off-limits to most humans, only open to a few select scientific specialists. As for why the island is off-limits, some may claim it due to the deadliness of the Golden Lancehead. But, that’s only a half-truth, at best, for the human remains the most deadly creature on the planet. The snake is deadly to humans, but humans are a bigger threat to the snakes. Remember the island’s given name is Quiemada Grande?

Quiemada means “to burn” in Portugese.

The island’s original name is a result of humans trying to burn the snakes into extinction. It was once guessed there lived nearly half a million Lancehead on Snake Island, but most recent estimates, believe the population ranges from 2,000-4,000. The Golden Lancehead is only found on this small island, as a result, the Brazilian government maintains strong control over visitor access to save the critically endangered snake species, not to save the overabundance of humanity. A few scientists are allowed on the island as they seek to answer numerous mysteries about the vipers.

Some of these questions include the snakes struggle to maintain their thin numbers due to fierce competition for food, along with problems associated with massive inbreeding. With such a small population, the inbreeding becomes so rampant that it leads to a high number of hermaphroditic offspring. Unfortunately, the dual-sex Golden Lancehead are usually sterile. Just like years past, the rare species must continue to adapt and overcome evolving environmental challenges if its lineage is to survive.

In summation, there is no point in arguing with others in a non-constructive manner, right? Instead of doing the normal verbal kung fu that goes nowhere, try sharing useful or interesting information with your fellow humanity. Oh, and remember– please try not to be a Dick Nixon, yo’.

*** Not to put in any undue fear into the heart of the fragile but here is to science never discovering one those severely inbred rare snakes have stumbled upon a bird and the pair accidentally made sweet love. Then, somehow the magical interspecies entanglement led to the creation of a super poisonous flying inbred snake-bird that is desperately in need of food. Just kidding, that is probably not possible.

Don’t forget, since, I was able to think of the possibility, it would stand to reason some creepy scientist dude could very well be working on making that crossbreed happen… right now. As noted earlier, humans are the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

To learn more:

*** One final note, a warning– the picture above of the Alaskan Tree frog, is certainly cute, but it appears to be phony. There is no Alaskan tree frog, that is not a real thing. According to Snopes:

The viral photograph displayed above does not show an Alaskan tree frog (since no such animal exists), nor does it show a wood frog. This widely-circulated image appears to be simply a garden ornament that has been covered with frost. 

Fact Check: Can These Frogs Survive After Freezing in Winter

Sorry, my friends. There are species of frogs that do freeze and unthaw back to life, that is true. The reason for my trickery to include a phony frozen frog species that does not exist is to serve as a reminder to check and question everything you read, see, or hear as a means of verification. In a disinformation world, one must never grow complacent.

‘Tis the season to stay inside and get your McLovin’ on yo’– check it out:

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Still Alive: New Creations

Greetings and salutations, friends, foes, and strangers alike.

Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry

It is good to be “back.”   Yours truly never actually went anywhere,  my absence can best be summed as being due to a lesson in humility offered via a swift kick to my reality… yadda, yadda, yadda…  now, I’m back.

As a means to re-establish our connection, enjoy a few new random “art” creations.

Slayermas Greetings: 


Slayermas  Greetings is a dedication to everyone celebrating (or not) whatever works for them.   The whole purpose is to highlight the absurdity around the over commercialized “holiday” season.   The only rules of Slayermas is there are no rules and one should remember to listen to whatever music that floats your boat.  Yours truly came to realize, too many folks let arbitrary societal rules, norms, and mores dominate their existence leading them to be seasonally depressed.  F*ck that, one can be happy, depressed, high, or low– any time they choose, do not believe the hype.  

Along that line of thinking, here’s to enjoying the XXXmas Season’s Pornog:

This “piece” is not going to play well with everyone. Yes, yours truly does celebrate both Slayermas and XXXmas. The purpose is the same as Slayermas, just with a different emphasis. As for the rules of XXXMas Season’s Pornog, there are a few to note. First, the holiday is not dependent upon watching adult films, per se, but to those that do watch such “skin” flicks, it is imperative to watch something different than your status quo.

The legend behind the discovery of this new celebration holds origins within an accident. Once upon a time, a DR was watching a golden goddess by the name of Brianna. Ms. Brianna was kind enough to help a fellow release his inner frustration, as the man seemed relieved, out of nowhere, a fist from the goddess lands square to the man’s proverbial sack. Upon such an unforeseen conclusion, the DR was mortified. That is the whole purpose. XXXmas is not about discovering the new, no, it is all about appreciating what one already is fortunate enough to already have. Appreciation is a good, but often, taken for granted quality among humankind. Be appreciative.

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Did I Bear Enough Today?:

A friend of mine put down an open challenge to all of his artistic buddies. His request was for a bear sitting in a chair, drinking tea, with a human rug. In prompt fashion, the challenge was accepted and Did I Bear Enough Today? would be the end result. Keep in mind, yours truly is down to take a shot at producing special requests– just contact me with the details and maybe something can be worked out.

We’re Going to Build it (THE WALL):

Relax, “Build It” is not so much a political statement as it is a comment on absurdity. The quote mentioned within the piece is 100% legitimately real and authentic quote. The underlying message within centers around understanding one’s inner child and how adolescence frequently holds the mystery of understanding a person after they have long entered into adulthood. In short, one might be able to understand others by looking deeper with a realization that what is commonly seen today– is likely an evolution from yesterday.

Please, remember it is ok to chuck a buck or two as a means to show your grattitude. Also do not forget to tip your waitresses, bell boys, or other service providers generously (as applicable).

To see another new creation, titled: NO Dick PIcs, check out it, along with a few select prints available via Deviant Art.

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Vulgar Display of DR: Celebrate

Welcome to a celebration of previous writings.

Since October 2017,  TheDR.World has gifted the universe with over 100 posts (this makes number #115).  So, it stands to reason one or 12 posts might have slipped by even the most dedicated followers and readers alike.  Relax, it’s not your fault.

Lessons learned, lessons to share

Yours truly has learned a great deal over the past year, not just about writing, but also insights on things such as ego, high hopes, crushed spirits, coping with great articles left unloved and unread.  Experience is often a cruel, sweetless, and lovelessly cold bitch. Thank you, experience.


The first worthwhile lesson to review comes via To Serve Man.

The moral of the story, it’s all about perspective.  Besides, where else is one going to learn how unethical psychological “tests” would play a role in horrendous consequence?

As fans of The Twilight Zone may recognize, the title comes from one of my personal favorite episodes of the old Rod Serling TV show.  To those that have not seen it, check it out on Netflix.

Please note, like Michael Bolton on Michael Bolton, when it, comes to The Twilight Zone, damn near every  production ranks among “one of my personal favorite episodes.”

To Serve Man:

To Serve Man

As for Rod Serling, despite not knowing the man on a personal level, his words serve as an inspiration.   Moreover, Mr. Serling’s life journey, along with his shared wisdom assist as both a friend and a muse.  It was Serling that helped me through the lack of support of both family and “friends” alike, or as I refer to it as “my darkest hours of writing.”

As an unmet friend,  it was a real privilege to pay homage to Mr. Rod Serling… a writer, in There is More to…  Not That: That’s Too Much.


A couple of favorites

Respect and appreciation are essential aspects to living a non-a-holish life.  Reverence, admiration, and primitiveness are vital themes to a couple of the first articles posted on TheDR.World– the first is a love of natural art, known as A Tree and the second is about bravery as a refined form of art: The Tank’s in the Water is a Happening (Performance as Art):

The Tank’s in the Water

Additional respects would be paid to Shirley Jackson in

Rock, Paper, Scissors (a Literal Metaphor) and to Emily Dickinson in

War, Death, Religion:  A DR’s Truth on E.D.:

War, Death, Religion: A DR’s Truth on E.D. #3

Eye of the Beholder

In Comparison: Your Drawing Sucks highlights a lesson on appearance.

The visually pleasing may not be as beautiful as it seems.   Conversely, that which looks like worthless crap might hold more usefulness and a superior value than the rosy overrated alternative.

Common wisdom

“They” say a webpage must have a “niche” to build a following.  Sure, the time-tested conventional thought has been proven to work.   Yet, the niche of TheDR.World is not based on one given area of expertise about growing a splendid garden, or how to browbeat one’s children into conforming to the rigors of parental and societal demands. NOPE.

TheDR.World’s axiom, the niche, is to write about any topic, at an any given time, in both a unique and insightful way.   In a style one cannot find elsewhere, as there is nothing similar or like it, that’s the niche.

Furthermore, a great emphasis from numerous works aims to dispel and remove the stigma of various everyday life experiences.   These include my personal struggles, along with the battles of other’s I have encountered throughout this lifetime.

Thus, it is with greatest of hopes that the following writing on phobias, along with information on how phobias affect women at a higher rate than men ends up being read by at least one person that needs to know they are not alone.

Also, to whoever you might be, PLEASE understand:

  • You are not weird.
  • There is support and help available.
  • Please take care of yourself.

Life is a struggle, but keep putting a foot forward one day at a time, okay?

Phobia: Nothing to Fear

The greatest lesson of all

As a writer, the most critical part of the feedback process is not flattering praise nor is it empty insults.   In full disclosure, yours truly does get a chuckle out of many cases of abuse– especially those that claim something such as a simple, “You suck” or “Your dumb!”  (That’s right– “Your” dumb, intentional or not–that line slays, it’s a zero to laugh your ass off moment, true story– KEEP it up!)

The best part of being a writer is to produce a work that captures a reader’s emotions, attention, and sometimes, praise or ire.

Most of the responses = blah, boring.

On one of my proudest writings (it is on Quora), some dude took the time to state:

“Ok, thank you for explaining. Your work isn’t very good if nobody “gets it.”

FYI, I love that dude’s insult attempt.

To which, as a sign of admiration, yours truly took the time to respond to said dude:

That is one way of looking at, I do suppose. Another view could be that some readers seem to have a willingness to pre-judge without even bothering to absorb the written words. As for what classifies as good, bad, boring, exciting, etc., well, classifications seem to be within the eye of the beholder. However, if telling me how terrible I am makes you feel superior or something, by all means, have fun at my expense, it’s cool.  Just as long people take the time to check out anything I’ve created, they have the right to judge said works anyway they choose, that’s their right. Yet, in truth, I only take constructive feedback personally to heart. Also, it is my hope that you will check out TheDR.World, read more of my stuff and tell me all about how terrible I am. Thanks again for taking the time to voice your opinion, sir.

Yet, it would be one of my responses to another fellow that took time to tell me how much I suck that, in part, reads my greatest truth, which is:

Sure, it’s easy to criticize, but if I’m such a chump, why not just write a better answer?  Apparently, to some, such an achievement should not be all that difficult.

I do appreciate your time spent reading my answer.

My view, as a writer, the best part, is that I write to satisfy the feelings within me. Honestly, one person enjoying, learning, or thinking with a different perspective from a writing equals, again to me, a success.  Based on the feedback, good and bad, this particular answer has given some people in the world-at-large something to think about. So, I’ll take whatever comes my way, because I achieved my given goal. If the writing was perceived or called boring, I would then feel a tad bit disheartened, otherwise, I’m cool.

  • Writing is not about popularity.  
  • Not everyone is going to “get” or understand a given work
  • AND that is okay. 

What really matters, what defines a “good” writer is to possibly help another human being out or to give the world something new.



To the reader that has made it this far, a few insider gifts:

The name, TheDR.World derives from yours truly making fun of all the insert team name NATION!

Years ago, I thought the oversaturation was, well, frankly lame.   My first joke meme creations would be labeled with the “DR World.”  The way I saw it, there were too many nations, and the WWE had the term universe locked down, but World?  Never heard anyone use it, so… why not?  I stuck with using the name, and the “THE” was a natural addition.

As for my darkest writing experience, so far, the harshest period stemmed from the personal desire to impress one person.  Needless to say, said one was not much of a fan of my writing, nor apparently, me as a human.  This struggle for approval was the closest I have ever come to quitting.

Well, sort of.   

It was not my intent to quit, but the distress of rejection was so strongly overwhelming, yours truly temporarily “lost” my creative ability and confidence.  As for “the story” it does not end well.  Frankly, it sucks, but the hollowness of the experience did toughen me up.   Since then, no longer do I care about impressing anyone with my writing.  Turns out, that freedom equals total liberation.

My sincere thank yous & dedications to the following:

25 Nov Cover DR

Thank you, Dan, Dana, William W., and Leslie.  My appreciation is limitless, THANK YOU ALL!

  • Infinite praise to the platinum-tongued “Dickish” Damn Yankee for the elite crash course in Chinese fluency:  谢谢
  • Props to the 1959 Mike Wallace Interview featuring Rod Serling.
  • Mad respect to Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power.  One of my favorite jams from the album and a personal life motto remains– Unscarred by trials– A New Level.  #DimeForever
  • To my friend Debbie, not a day passes without thinking of you.  You shall never be forgotten, my friend AKA “baby.”

Here’s to another year, I promise to keep on keepin’ on– Until it Sleeps… So tear me open but beware

Check out ALL the friends of TheDR.World which include:

The Devil You Know by Evie


Phoebe M.D.:  Medicine and Poetry

As Xmas approaches, remember it’s the thought that counts, as such, do yourself or any of your friends a solid and give the gift of “Sleeping with The DR”:

Sleep with DR Pillow Case

Also, consider doing me a favor– if any of TheDR.World articles are helpful, interesting, or worthwhile to you– by all means, share ’em far & wide to friends, foe, and strangers.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


One final puzzle

As Xmas approaches, Did Santa F*ck Charlie Day’s Mom?  Yes or no?

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Life Interruption: A Letter to a Queen

This week marks the second anniversary of another call that changed my life forever.

In November 2016, I was notified of the death of my only sibling, my younger sister, Lisa.  The exact reason for her death remains a mystery, her autopsy report confirms this fact.  Nonetheless, what is not debatable, certainly no mystery is the grim reality that misery and loss surround us all.

The truth is, our finale, no matter who we are nor how we live– will result in the same end, an identical result– death.  To most, the fear of one’s eventual doom may overwhelm– but so what?   There’s not a damn thing one can do to avoid the inescapable, so why bother?   A more terrifying focus of one’s energy may be better spent facing the reality of never having been alive.

What was that excuse again?

Not enough money?   Not enough time?  Don’t wish to miss this week’s episode of a favorite show?   Whatever it is that might occupy one’s livelihood, understand– each and every trade-off has consequences.   Also, understand, if one trades everything to be a vagabond, a world traveler, a rover of great curiosity to explore and chase a dream, well it too comes with a unique price.

A lifetime of choices, decisions, and actions that one hope will ultimately lead to somewhere wonderful, fantastic… and perfect– but, face it, pal, there is no “perfect” life. There is no one right way to live.  No matter what one does, at some point, there will be a realization, a moment of regret, a strong desire to have a “do over.”

I get it & come to know  

When facing death, looking the end right in the eye, most folks will not think to themselves, “Damn, I wish I’d have spent more time in the office, worked harder, and enjoyed life less than I did.”  Nope.  What matters in the end, is to have been more available, to not have lived a life traveling one definitive road, to have been more impulsive, while at the same time, not overly impulsive.  So, please, remember– perspective.

In full disclosure

There is a distinct difference between me, Darrell Roberts, the human and the writer.

Me the human

The “real” Darrell is guarded, low-key, and protective of my relationships, my experiences, my shared secrets, and the day to day life operations of my world.   As I see it, if someone wishes to “know” the real me– take the energy, the time, and interest.

Those brave or intrigued enough to do so will likely learn a whole lot about the life and times of a simply complicated person and his beautifully ugly tragic feel-good life story.   However, most people, at least in this day and age, are more interested in doing other things.   As a result, they don’t worry about the likes of me, I can respect such a choice, no problem.


Me the writer

First, as a writer, few people believe you are any different than all the other wannabe-jamokes trying to be a success in something you definitely suck at.   Blah blah blah, words– who gives a f*ck?  Get a “real” job, you lazy dick.   Or something along those lines, it’s easy to see that look on their face.  Certainly, to an extent, they are correct– many people overestimate their uniqueness, their talents, and ability to do something they are not cut out to accomplish.   I get it.

Yet, here’s the thing, one either has something to say and is constantly gifted by a muse to write something uniquely different, wonderful, and provide a gift to the world or they do not.  Those that do not, they flame out, they end up moving on to doing something else.

After writing over 200 published works in the past year and a half, the challenge of one-upping your previous works is one that seems improbable, impossible, but also a test to find out and prove your endless divinity to produce a work that is even better than before, this time will be your “best.”   That best… well, it never comes, so the process continues onward.

Over time, some may give into the easy pressure of popularity– just write some easy, oversimplified, popular motivational words, tales– that although welcomed and lauded, are really just empty bullshit.   These writers do not feel it, they just write what they know will play well as a means to make money or to stoke their ego.

That’s not me.

My muse is a struggle, there are stories to tell, there are those that need my assistance, need to hear my words, they need my help.   To me, what defines a writer is not money, not fan followings, it is not being told how great you are, it’s all about making at least one reader feel something they did not feel before.   Whether that “something” is anger, happiness, sadness, or inspiration– well, that’s not ultimately my decision, but at the same time, it is.

More times than not, my creativity or muse is enough to tell a story effectively, as there is just enough, a glimpse, of my inner being injected into my words to create a remarkable written product.   It’s a struggle within me to battle and conquer the fear of bleeding on the page.  Some writings, such as this one, require a guarded, low-key fellow to expose his true self– to be vulnerable, to be a possible subject of ridicule, and perhaps, whether fair or not, to face judgments, and prejudices.

As a writer, sometimes there is no choice, one must be authentic, truly an open book, to be effective, to reach the ultimate goal, especially when trying to help others.  Why would anyone take advice or feel inspired by someone that lacks the guts to be honest and truthful?

To the would-be writers,  if one thinks superior cleverness wordology aided by deception tactics will dupe readers into buying fake authenticity, good luck– because that BS ain’t gonna happen.   The master reader sees right through a phony, they also can spot the exceptional, the original, the genuine writers.

A true story

Recently, in a relatively impulsive moment, yours truly would decide to take a visit to one of my favorite places that remains determined to kill me– upstate New York.  For whatever reason, from Syracuse and areas northward have to ALWAYS go out of the way to fuck with me, it’s just how it is.   Odd enough, upon my arrival into Syracuse, the overcast skies gave way to the sun making a for perfect New York day.

A short drive later, I would be meeting my daughter for a few days of Popz/Queen time.

The time spent together was wonderful, meaningful, and worth the risk of once again facing the ‘Cuse curse.   A few non-intrusive highlights include me and my baby watching some of my favorite and still morally relevant episodes of The Twilight Zone.

Inside a common dollar story, we would even encounter a really pissed off lady yelling at an old dude attempting to operate the cash register.   “Faster you old jerk, I’m late for work, scrub,” Ms. Pissy yelled.

Proud me would talk the fiery dame down, even getting her to lighten up a little bit.  Odd enough, the angry woman was my kinda bitch (if you know what I mean).   As I told Ms. Pissy, “If I was from this town, I think we’d be friends.”

The fortunate days shared with my daughter were needed and appreciated.  However, due to previous commitments, on the day of my departure, I had to fly out at Zero-way too early in the AM dark thirty.   Therefore, I chose to take a brief evening nap, then enjoyed a few hours final hours of my Queen’s company.  When she went to bed, I chose to remain awake, packed up my stuff, and then sat thinking a bit before hitting the road back to the Syracuse airport.

During the stillness of the final night of my visit, an overwhelming sadness would course through me.   I was already beginning to miss my daughter.  Still, even worse, the years past of rarely being able to see her all came crashing down.   My chest tightened, anxiety grew as it became difficult to breathe, the moment was a sad reminder of regret, remorse, and wishing to have a “do over.”   Recognizing the emotional significance, I pulled out my pen, paper and wrote my daughter a letter.  This letter would await her when she awoke, after my departure.

With her permission, I will share that letter.  Honestly, per our conversation, I felt my baby girl would be more disappointed if I did not share the note from her popz.

Ladies and Gentleman, again with her permission:

A Popz message to a Queen

 Dear Andrea,

My Queen.  You are & will always be my Queen, the love of my life, the greatest love of my life.  Thank you for your time, it was great seeing you, being around you.

It makes me sad to leave.  It makes me sad to have missed so many days of your life.   For that, I will always be sad, always be sorry.   It was never anything I wanted, every day hurt, made me sad.  I would give anything to have done everything different.  You are a fantastic young lady & I am proud to be your popz.

Unfortunately, time only moves forward, as such, I wish for you to know– I would do anything for you, I love, I adore, & I cherish each & every day I’m lucky enough to be your popz.  You are a beautiful spirit living in an ugly world; please do not let the world get you down, always keep being you– the beautiful spirit, the most wonderful Queen.

Andrea, I hope you find the happiness you want & deserve in this life.  Never give up on yourself or your dreams.  I love you most of all, my Queen.

Forever & proud to be your popz,

I love my Queen– Popz


The moral of the story is– nobody is perfect, not you, not me, none of us.

We all make mistakes, have regrets, and deal with our remorse, pains, and struggles in various and likely different ways.   What matters most is not the past, it’s the now, it’s tomorrow, the following tomorrow, and the days after each of us are lucky enough to have until our grand finale.   This moment, RIGHT NOW, is within our control.   Sure, there will likely always be barriers and outside influences, but each of us should choose our own attitude and personal desired destiny.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches, do yourself a favor– take the time to forgive someone that may have wronged you in the past.   Even if the offender is not sorry, or if you cannot or choose not to contact the forgiven-to-be– still pardon them inside your mind, heart.   Do it not for them, but for yourself.

Nothing is guaranteed, take the time to tell those that matter most how you feel about them, while you still can.   After all, life is short, the days are numbered, the passing of each day is one step closer to the end.

Thank you for your time.

Popz loves his Queen.

A DR plea:

Attention one & all. Tis the season to feel good about yourself.

Please consider doing me a solid & helping out one of my favorite people, a lifelong friend, and a wonderful human being. Obviously, I understand some might not be able to make a monetary donation, but every little bit helps. As such, you can still spread the word, far & wide, just by spending a few minutes out of your day to treat someone the way you’d like to be treated. Thank you for both your time & consideration.


To read more about my plea or to donate