Eyes in the Sky (Can See You)

To understand the world, one must first understand the shortcomings within and then quantify that number by billions. Who knows what that means, but it sounds deep, perhaps contrite, with a hint of remorse and self-loathing. For the greatest truth ever told was likely deemed a lie, and the greatest lie was probably an ultimate truth.

Oh, there it was again, a repeat of complexity that is not really all that perplexing.
The main thesis to Eyes in the Sky (Can See You) is self-reflection. To understand this principle, perspective is important. The layout of the creation attempts to establish the mood and setting of the inner-self visualized. Please note, the viewer (or self) is unseen below looking up toward the turbulent clouds as they pass overhead. Ultimately, the viewer is actually a lonely spot of land or a solo-world, the viewer is their own world. Thus, with an understanding of perspective, one can then determine that the clouds, the turbulence found above is actually created, unique to the one-world below. As for those faces flowing through the distressed skies, they are a result of the cloud commotion. In other words, I created this piece to reveal my own internal struggle.

As a solo-onlooker, my own isolated world, the clouds flowing above represent my feelings and emotions. The faces, which are modeled after my own, represent neverending self-condemnations that stem from dark visceral passions and disturbances. It is important to realize, despite only four faces being visible, these faces are ongoing and endless as they directly reflect stressors, such as anxiety, depression, self-hatred, despair, misery, loneliness, and a never-ending combination of self-alienation/resentment.

Also, please note as the faces look down on the viewer, they can “see you” the real you. Although the viewer cannot be seen by potential onlookers from above because of the shielding, perhaps protective covering of the clouds– the faces they can “see you” and their view cannot be obscured. They know you, the real you.

Dickish DR is one of my personally favorite creations. As his name implies, he’s not a total dick just sorta “dickish.” Dickish can often be somewhat humorous.

Buddy DR is not intentionally dickish, but he represents someone that has the right idea in mind, heart in the correct place, but still might come across as being accidentally “dickish” in his own right.

Please enjoy part 2 of My First Street Brawl or don’t, whatever works for you:

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