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TheDR.World Exposes Aquaman (Video)

Never be afraid to do anything, ever. With that spirit in mind, please check out the first video from TheDR.World.

Learn all about the ugly truth behind the “real” Aquaman. Also, do not forget to check out TheDR.World sponsors, chuck a buck or two, and pass this video or whatever along to your friends or foes alike, it’s all good, even when it’s not, it still is aight.

Do not forget to check out my sponsors; bet ya may find a good deal on post-VD chocolates and such:

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As for the following, it is all meant in good fun, good humor. However, like, love, or hate it– meh? See above, it’s all good, even when it’s not.

Creativity is both a solo reward and a curse, but it is better to dream too much than not enough. When facing life choices, one should aim too high than too low. Never settle or surrender just because few or none believe in you, believe in your ambitions and talents. Whether one succeeds or fails is not necessarily the most important aspect, there is fun to have along the journey, remember to soak it in, (wo)man.

Please feel free to share your feedback or offer your encouragement. Indifference really sucks. There is nothing worse than being a mere blah in a gigantic full of blah.

Anybody check E-Harmony out? If so, please let me know how it works… cool? No reason to POF it up all the time, ya gotta “class” up, sometimes. #HAHA

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