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5 Random Thoughts: 09 Feb 2019

Greetings and salutations, friends, strangers, and enemies alike, welcome to 5 Random Thoughts. Yours truly cannot promise each thought will apply or be of interest to every reader, but can promise at least one or two points made will resonate with most folks (always got that one unimpressed “guy” better known as the dick in the crowd).

  • Get over yourself. Whatever the problem might be, just get over yourself. That is not to say one should accept all the shit that comes their way nor is to make light of legitimate life problems and challenges. There are certainly lots of struggles in the world, some such struggles may seem or be too much for one person to handle, it happens to the best of people, it’s the grim face of life. BUT the point is THIS– whatever problem or challenge one faces, do not allow yourself to be your own biggest obstacle in overcoming these harsh realities.
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Yours truly may not be a “doctor” but I am a DR and that counts for something. Here’s the deal, to those too uptight, too hard and non-believers of their own self– STOP THAT SHIT. Garbage in = Garbage out, dumb dumb. Sorry for the name calling, but think of it as a necessry attention getter. Accept your own limitations, that’s a must, but never sell yourself short, okay? Do not be afraid of failure, as it happens, but one can never succeed without facing up to the possibility of rejection. Stop being so uptight.

Conversely, to those that are not focused enough to commit to doing things they claim they wish to do in life– stop f*cking around and get to work.

For instance, if one wishes to be a lawyer or a rodeo clown or a professional jizz mopper– it takes time, effort, and work– as most things do not magically just happen overnight. In other words, if wishing to reach a given objective, taking any step forward to meet that aspiration = one step closer to achieving the desired end game. Sorry for being all preachy, but the whole point of this particular thought is an internal balance, find your own “sweet spot” between the drunk and uptight versions of yourself and go kick some ass, won’t you?

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The following is an example of yours truly punching upward to support a fellow writer in response to the following tweet:

Enough of my self-righteous bullshit, at least until the bitter end

  • Lately, I have been stumbling upon a whole slew of really interesting or funny writings. Of all the wonderful works, phrases, and humorous ponderings, there is only “one.” The funniest/best/most fantastic phrase that pays of my recent read ramblings is…

“You sir are an unsung hero! Good for you for taking one for the team and fucking that poor disfigured woman.”

This is a random user comment inside a much larger conversation (I will send the link upon request but otherwise, ya gotta find such wonderful treasure yourself!)

For whatever it is worth, that dude’s comment is both applicable, and his conclusion is surprisingly correct. Remember to tell those oft-forgotten unsung heroes, “Thank you for taking one for the team, boss.”

Please allow me to make something explicitly clear since there is no more Google connection, and people do not buy shit from TheDR.World or any of my few, basically free, sponsors– I no longer care all that much about being entertaining, informative, or inspirational to anyone, more or less, but myself. That is not a complaint, only a mere reminder that IF I’m gonna work for free or to pay for it… then, I’m gonna enjoy doing so, my way. Like it, love it, or hate it– whatever, that is cool. Be love, be hate, just please do not be indifferent or dull.

  • Very Bad Things.     Dedicated to the unknown dude that shook my world as he(she) mowed down my neighbor’s tree early in the morning while totaling his own sweet Floridan-tagged ride.

As I encroached the vehicle, I swear, the deployed passenger airbag looked like a dude’s head. But turns out, despite a busted windshield, a blaring radio, and the vehicle doors closed– there was nobody in the car. Poof. I’m sure there is a good rest of the story, but I don’t know what that is but shall assume it shall always remain a mystery.

As for the movie, Very Bad Things, is a grand display of the butterfly effect that stems from horrible choices. Despite receiving terrible reviews and being overlooked by most of humanity, the 1998 movie is often viewed as being a hollow mean-spirited cinematic failure.

Sure, there are noticeable gaffes within the movie both visually and within the plot-line. Also, to casual viewing, the film might seem as if it is a simple narrative of cold-hearted brutality. Despite such limitations, examination of a keen eye will oft-reveal Very Bad Things is a great telling of relatively decent folk led astray by their individual flaws. As not to spoil the movie for the yet to view but now curious types, the whole greatness to Very Bad Things is the snowball effect gained through an initial lack of personal courage to do the “right” thing.

IF, at any time, any character chose to display some true courage, everything else that follows would be null and void. That my friends, that is a good moral tale.

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Other off the radar movies yours truly enjoys, just a partial list, includes Rushmore, Heathers, 12 Monkeys, Death to Smoochy, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

***It must be noted, movies like Fargo grew on me over time, but The Crying Game, still sucks, just my personal belief, nothing less, nothing more. ***

To stick with the movie theme, yours truly recently wrote to one of the fellows overseeing a proposed remake.
To those that guessed the flick to be The Toxic Avenger, that would be a BINGO! The purpose of my message to the producer was my explicit desire to be a part of the re-writing of the eventual new release (oh, it will come). Of course, I have not received any response to my request, but who cares? It is a passion project and one of only 2 movies I would ever consider being a part of any reboot. The other movie, would be Natural Born Killers, period.

  • A Natural Born Killers remake. Conceptually, the movie is wonderful. The script was written by none other than Quentin Tarantino and stars Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, and wonderful guest appearances from big time stars. The main reason a reboot would work, in my view, is the choice of Oliver Stone as the film’s director. Stone seemed to understand the underlying theme of Tarantino’s masterpiece but he fails in visually capturing the essence of the plot. Unfortunately, there is one great detriment the original would have over any future remakes– Rodney Dangerfield. Mr. Dangerfield is perfectly cast as the main female antagonist’s abusive rapist father. It would be dang near impossible to find anyone else to play that part any better than Rodney Dangerfield.
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A Sincere Closing:

The following was originally posted on TheDR.World Facebook page, but it seems worthy enough to share:

I just heard the news that my cousin died from his cancer. In times of tragedy, words seem hollow, non-helpful, non-necessary.

In this particular case, I always liked my cousin & his twin sister, yet, there’s nothing for me to say that would matter. Personally, I continue to watch memories of my childhood continue to grow more distant, broken and dismembered by the reality of time, distance, and life itself. But this situation is not about me, for that, I do know.

In the spirit of my cousin, his family, and all his loved ones, I wish to simply ask folks to be proactive in taking care of themselves, whether that’s through routine physical checkups or seeking mental health assistance. Please do the best you can, while you can, for both yourself, family, and your loved ones. Thank you.

A Little Light can go a Long Way

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