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Still Alive: New Creations

Greetings and salutations, friends, foes, and strangers alike.

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It is good to be “back.”   Yours truly never actually went anywhere,  my absence can best be summed as being due to a lesson in humility offered via a swift kick to my reality… yadda, yadda, yadda…  now, I’m back.

As a means to re-establish our connection, enjoy a few new random “art” creations.

Slayermas Greetings: 


Slayermas  Greetings is a dedication to everyone celebrating (or not) whatever works for them.   The whole purpose is to highlight the absurdity around the over commercialized “holiday” season.   The only rules of Slayermas is there are no rules and one should remember to listen to whatever music that floats your boat.  Yours truly came to realize, too many folks let arbitrary societal rules, norms, and mores dominate their existence leading them to be seasonally depressed.  F*ck that, one can be happy, depressed, high, or low– any time they choose, do not believe the hype.  

Along that line of thinking, here’s to enjoying the XXXmas Season’s Pornog:

This “piece” is not going to play well with everyone. Yes, yours truly does celebrate both Slayermas and XXXmas. The purpose is the same as Slayermas, just with a different emphasis. As for the rules of XXXMas Season’s Pornog, there are a few to note. First, the holiday is not dependent upon watching adult films, per se, but to those that do watch such “skin” flicks, it is imperative to watch something different than your status quo.

The legend behind the discovery of this new celebration holds origins within an accident. Once upon a time, a DR was watching a golden goddess by the name of Brianna. Ms. Brianna was kind enough to help a fellow release his inner frustration, as the man seemed relieved, out of nowhere, a fist from the goddess lands square to the man’s proverbial sack. Upon such an unforeseen conclusion, the DR was mortified. That is the whole purpose. XXXmas is not about discovering the new, no, it is all about appreciating what one already is fortunate enough to already have. Appreciation is a good, but often, taken for granted quality among humankind. Be appreciative.

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Did I Bear Enough Today?:

A friend of mine put down an open challenge to all of his artistic buddies. His request was for a bear sitting in a chair, drinking tea, with a human rug. In prompt fashion, the challenge was accepted and Did I Bear Enough Today? would be the end result. Keep in mind, yours truly is down to take a shot at producing special requests– just contact me with the details and maybe something can be worked out.

We’re Going to Build it (THE WALL):

Relax, “Build It” is not so much a political statement as it is a comment on absurdity. The quote mentioned within the piece is 100% legitimately real and authentic quote. The underlying message within centers around understanding one’s inner child and how adolescence frequently holds the mystery of understanding a person after they have long entered into adulthood. In short, one might be able to understand others by looking deeper with a realization that what is commonly seen today– is likely an evolution from yesterday.

Please, remember it is ok to chuck a buck or two as a means to show your grattitude. Also do not forget to tip your waitresses, bell boys, or other service providers generously (as applicable).

To see another new creation, titled: NO Dick PIcs, check out it, along with a few select prints available via Deviant Art.

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