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Grievances & Inspiration: From a Buddy

Just when ya think there are too many memes in the world, well here…

Have some more, eh?

Out of personal frustration of seeing an infinite number of no-talent assclowns post someone else’s memes and somehow believe themselves pseudo-geniuses, a decision was made.  Why not produce my own unique concept– as a means to encourage people a) to recognize their own creative potential and b) to show a distinct difference between the ability to read, identify a funny picture versus being able to actually produce your own?

Ironically, the someone else’s meme imps still receive far more credit than they deserve while the original productions are largely ignored.  One must understand, to me, this fact is absolutely hysterical comedic gold.   As a neighborly critic, few things are better than being proven right about the given society one critiques.

To wit, the cultural basher, such as myself, still serves a necessary function– to evaluate, analyze, and offer scathing commentary on the plight of the contemporary times.

The only bright side of the internet meme comedian is– well, at least their attention whoredom centers around making others laugh– not like those internet meme political experts, right?  Those poor derps, those that pass along, half-truth, easily disproven political ideologies written in a simplified meme format, you know, just because they agree with the words equal the worst.  Political memes do not make one a highly knowledgeable legislature-to-be and please, PLEASE, start fact-checking before sharing bullshit, yo’.   Thank you.  #SadButTrue

End of grievances.

“Buddy” DR

There is a back-story to “Buddy” DR, a script has been completed detailing the whole legend.   However, yours truly is trying to figure out and decide what format would best serve to share the tale.   If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please pass them along.

Currently, my self-debate choices are between using an article, a comic, or maybe a video platform, but time will tell.   In my biased opininion, the story is well-developed, entertaining, and has potential– hence, there is no reason to rush into a premature release.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, Buddy DR:

*Note, most of Buddy DR’s humor comes from old, commonly told and shared jokes, that have been around forever.  A few are original, but most are not.  The reason being, in truth– Buddy DR, just like all the other meme comedians, is not a professional humorist, not all that great at making up or writing great jokes, again, that’s the whole point.

Bingo:Buddy DR Last Thing

Buddy DR Bat

Introducing the YOLO Messiah: Buddy DR Sammich

A small spoiler from the Buddy DR story, the YOLO Messiah might resemble Shia LaBeouf, but he’s actually, among other things, the world’s #1 Shia LaBeouf impersonator.

A famous 69’er once claimed everything he did he did for you.   Sadly, even then– she still broke his heart, buddy.

She said he was just a friend, she said he was just a friend.   But, oh baby, you know– she screwed that dude– that she said was just a friend.  #SadButTrue  #GetThatSammich

“Not me, I’m different, baby,” said the platinum-tongued he-man vag-slayer-to-be:

Buddy DR Not Like Other Guys

***Note, in the beginning, Buddy DR did state, “The last thing I want to do is to hurt you… but it’s on the list.”   Well, his “humor” is not always meant as a joke.
Thank you for putting up with such ridiculousness, it was fun.

Please understand, the underlying intent of yours truly, TheDR.World, or Buddy DR is not to enlighten the zombified mind of the collective mass groupthink crowd, life’s too short, and that is not a battle worth fighting.   The purpose, what it’s all about is to that one “kid” or “nobody” or even if you’re 85 and still alive with a dream to think different, be different, then as Shia might say, “Just do it!”

Stop listening to the naysayers and be a do-whatever works for you type of human-being.

As a final reward, words of wisdom from Kenny “F*cking” Powers aka KFP:

“Enemies can appear in our lives out of nowhere. A stranger who cuts you off in traffic. A dude who looks at you weird in the men’s room. Or treasured friends who betray you out of jealousy. But when enemies do rise up, they must be dealt with decisively, on animal instinct.

Mortals falter. Kings act.

And the mortal who acts, well, that mother f***er becomes King.”

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