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The Zero Probability = P(More Than Nothing)Sq.


Mathematically speaking:

Nothing from nothing equals nothing.

Nothing times nothing equals nothing.

Nothing plus nothing equals nothing.

In a math-based world, this concept is correct (nevertheless, for the sake of nerd sanity (self-included), it must be noted ‘nothing’ should technically be zero).

Probability summation

In uncomplicated terms, a probability must be greater than zero, with the sums of every outcome tallying to a perfect 1.0.   A fairly easy principle, right?

For example, consider all the possible explanations to the following true story (swear to deity 100% real).  Recently, on a sloppy, rainy day, I placed my garbage can by the curb.  No surprise, but later, when retrieving my empty refuse bucket– what do my eyes behold?   An equally sloppy as the day “rubber.”   One that at a quick glance, looked to have been used and somehow this dong cover found a way into my yard.  But, it’s not mine… trust me, I would know.   So, whose condom, eh?  More importantly, why does it look used and why is it on my lawn?

Sample Space

Let’s examine several plausible explanations.

Perhaps, said man-cover fell out from a neighbor’s trash can, then, magically would end blowing, being carried, or flung into my life– seems unlikely, but possible.

Or, maybe it was some dude’s way of asserting his dominance over me after finishing pounding my ex’s snootch to smithereens?  Why?  Beats me.  In full disclosure, any fellow that turned that coldish prude hot deserves applause.  Bravo, Mr. Slayer, sir.  Carry on, stud.   The feasibility of this explanation seems low.  Now, that does not mean it did not happen, (who knows?) because people are weird, no?

Conceivably, the case of the rubber may have been a random staging area of a comedically childish prank, ya know… just ’cause.

Another believable hypothesis might center around a wild animal (or even a domesticated critter) stumbling upon the man-dong fun wrapper.  Reasonably, the jizz sack ensnared an unidentified creature, tighter than an octopus on a cockle Clinocardium Nuttallii, so, the then-terrified mammal ran faster than Forest Gump to escape and finally shake it off, doing so conveniently, in my yard.  Sounds completely believable and highly doable.

***Note to self, keep an eye out for future condom wearing vertebrates.

There are also a billion other reasonable explanations to reveal how the testicle nut seed catcher found a way into my life.

The preceding was just an illustration of how difficult statistical analysis might be, but one that clearly got carried too far (kinda like the rubber on my lawn).

Back to Business

So, let’s narrow the focus to reduce infinite down to just two, a bi-choice, between achieving success versus the agony of defeat via failure.  To accomplish this goal, just ask the right question.

To prove questions do matter, please answer the following:

  1. Regardless of one’s deity preference, is there a supreme being, an omnipotent higher power, a god?
  2. Do all humans die?
  3. When you fell from heaven did it hurt?
  4. Does a bear sh*t in the woods?

 Answer key:

  1. Who knows for certain, but in the end, the answer is either yes or no.
  2. Human death equals, up to now, yep, 100%.
  3. Yes or no are the only possible options to whether the freefall from paradise hurt.  However, let’s not kid ourselves, most of ya(s) were more likely to climb from the pits of hell– obviously, there had to be pain involved– ya filthy demons.
  4. Yes, bears do sh*t in the woods– but they also use Cottonelle toilet paper. According to a number of commercials, bears will use all your toilet paper too– if you don’t keep an eye on the prickly ass-wipes.

All the above yes or no enigmas, no matter how clever or well-thought out the response would end up the same on a data scientists clipboard, either as a superior one or as a mere zero.

In the coldest reality, all of us are reduced down into either a zero or, if fortunate, elevated to a one.  In a world full of billions, how special did you any of us truly are?

Go on, mull it over.

People Math

Certainly, we’re not all only mathematical calculations… NO, NO, NO.

If that were the case, we’d be lucky.  Here’s the deal, the reason mathematics works is that everyone, far and wide, old and new, eventually accept the same exact formulas and agree upon the results, based on then-universal truth.

Thus, in the billions of people on people probabilities constantly calculated around the globe, there are random assignments of 1s and 0s.   However, there are no agreed-upon rules nor formulas, and as for universal truth?  Haha, with humanity?

That shit ain’t happening.

There’s nothing worse than being a happy 1 with your 1, only to become a zero– to your 1– damn.   Few things result in overwhelming pain and anxiety as the questions grow and swirl:

What went wrong?  Was it something I said?

Something I did?

Did a new 1, maybe a genuine 1.5, come along?

Please answer.

The sound of a Chirping Cricket 

There are some things more detrimental in life than trying to talk to the living, only to receive the same response as if one is trying to communicate with the dead, but the list of superior misery inducement is small.

Who does not know the overwhelming feeling of anxiety?  Just my learned view, but the worst distress stems from the power of the unknowing, the uncaring, the realization of a hope lost and lingering puzzles unsolved.

Then again, if those enduring mysteries were explained– would they be clarified with honesty?  If yes, would that really be a good thing?

More shall follow…

Prob writing Part 1 11 Oct 2018

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