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Random New Creations #3

Please enjoy, or don’t, some random new TheDR.World creations.   All creative folks looking for an outlet to expose your voice to the world– please, contact us.

Let the journey begin with a solid tip from Buddy DR & THE Truck Nutz of Truth:

Buddy DR bat

First up, a personal favorite:

“My Third Suicide will be the Best.”

My 3rd suicide
My Third Suicide will be the Best

The inspiration for “My Third…” came in an unusual manner.  Late at night, yours truly was on my way to bed– when “POOF.”   Suddenly, an idea for a short story popped in my head.  As anyone that has ever written anything knows, inspiring ideas must be written down when they come or else they will likely be lost.   However, the easiest way for me to remember the newly formed tale– was through creating the above picture.  It was imperative to adequately capture the emotions that the story stirred within me.  The artwork did just that.

As for the written story, it’s still in process and will be exceptional.  In full disclosure, the tale is in the re-writing stage and there’s no rush to finish it.  I’m torn between publishing it on TheDR.World and having it being read by a few vs. submitting it for publication or a competition.   It’s imperative to have as many eyes read the finished work.

Next Up:

One Day Closer

One Day Closer to the End
One Day Closer… to the End

“One Day Closer” is all about the fog taking over humanity.  Everywhere one goes, it is common to see folks more interested in whatever they are looking at or whoever they are talking to on their phones.  They’ll run you over, whether on foot or in their vehicles, they don’t care.   PS, after overhearing a phone conversation or 12– those conversations are not that interesting.


The real world still surrounds you.  As for the artwork, one might notice a few “trapped” people (such as the guy in the moon).   Are these folks truly trapped souls or are they the living trying to save the lost masses from the engulfing fog?

That is the underlying question.

Now, onto a mindlessly obvious piece:

Churning Butter

Churning Butter
Churning Butter

Look close, figure it out.  Although it may seem “hard” the underlying theme is no Davinci Code.

One may only die once, technically speaking, but emotionally?

Death = Rebirth

death equals rebirth
Death = Rebirth

My own personal struggle is to blame for Death = Rebirth.

Perhaps, I’m not alone in feeling torn between being a “nice” guy and a chump?   In this particular instance, no matter what call I made– it would have been the wrong one.   In truth, the whole thing was a set-up, I fell for the ploy, and ended up in a no-win situation.  But, there was nothing to “win” anyway.

In the end, what matters– I foolishly allowed circumstance and others to modify my attitude– that was wrong.  My being and life-posture is my choice, mine alone, and I should have never allowed anyone else to determine how my day goes or my attitude.

For every yin– there is a yang, or so they say.   Introducing the natural foil to Buddy DR & THE Truck Nutz of Truth–  “Dickish” DR & THE Blue Balls of Lies:

Dickish DR camera


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Last go around, I suggested checking out an artistic treasure (if you haven’t already, or even if you have)– music video “This is America.”

In the spirit of true greatness within the Gambino offering, TheDR.World suggests an older video that most folks may not have ever seen.  Whether one “enjoys” the song, that’s not overly significant.

Ladies & Gentlemen, enjoy (if you dare) a video of a fictional war entirely seen through an eye’s reflection in Eyes of the Insane by Slayer.

As an additional final gift, you can check my various questions and answers on Quora (I’m everywhere & yet, nowhere).  As an example, here’s my offering to the challenge of

Can anyone write a short story in 5 words?

I wrote several.  Are they good or not?  Meh, judge for yourself:

One lived, the other died.

Momma said, “Don’t do that.”

Do I know you, friend?

Would you look at that?

Never even saw it coming.

Did anyone ever really care?

Menaced laughter frightened us all.

How? I was really drunk.

So, there I stood alone.

Undoubtedly, this is the end.


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