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Like a Leech

Ladies & Gentlemen– Deuce’s BACK!   Those that may have missed the welcoming of Deuce Hacksaw can catch up by reading Beware… Life is like a Flower.

Without further interruption, enjoy:

Like a Leech

By Deuce Hacksaw

I know things haven’t been perfect.

Far from it, actually. You remind me of it constantly. Every change you get to rehash the painful past. Like a leech that has had its fill, but stays latched on, for the lack of the warm blood you suck from me might mean that’s the last thing you ever taste. You hit the trough every time you feel low, sucking more of my life’s essence to sustain this sick relationship we have developed. I’ve grown so accustomed to you there. It’s comforting to me to know that I’m just not in this alone.

You have infected me.

Whatever you were carrying, I have it too now. We are in this together, but I can’t help, but feel that I am a means to an end for you. That’s why you put up with my presence here. Maybe when you’ve finally had your fill, with perfect timing, you’ll abandon me in the same pitiful state you found me in. You’ll find something better, something fresher, something that might not even notice your presence. You’ll take the part of me that we created together and leave me with nothing. You’ll move on, floating from host to host, seeking something that might never actually quench your thirst for more. Maybe it’s not even about that for you. Maybe it is the thrill of attaching yourself to others, just to inflict a brief moment of suffering on them.

In the dark, murky swamp that you call your home, the one you thrive in, you’ll someday find someone that will tolerate your presence the way I do. I thought maybe we were really onto something here. Maybe we could make it all the way. I should have known to never trust a leech, but the idea that I was special was more than a tempting offer. I saw the benevolence of your plight over the malevolence. I gave you a chance, wanted you for myself. I should have known that was never part of your agenda.

After all, You are a leech.

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