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Read Before *Deleted*

***The following was originally published on 08 April 2018.   On 05 July 2018, Google notified yours truly that this writing was, as they put it:

Google 5 July

Ironically, it is my belief that Google proved the work’s hypothesis.   Thank you, Google.

The pressure continued rolling in from Google.   For an overwhelming majority of web pages, there is little to no money to be made.   Yet, for most, the little bit of chump change that can help offset operational expenses, Google is a crucial partner– which is what many might lead to what is commonly referred to as “click bait” sites.

So, after repeated warnings, mixed with zero reads, I pulled the article because there was no benefit from pissing off the hand that sometimes makes it rain nickel down upon thee.   Unfortunately fortunate, my conscience refuses to believe there to be anything wrong with the article.   If anything, the ideas are legitimate and the heart behind it all is in the right place.

Therefore, a first amendment decision was made, but no point to make such a statement by falling directly on one’s sword.  In other words, no point in being a nothing martyr.   Standing up to “the man” should rely upon having some sort of necessary greater good.  In this case, there is none– as nobody really cares, except yours truly.

In a hastily thought out moment of nihilistic clarity, I wondered, “What happens if I take out or change– just one word?”    Would that be enough to have the unread reading viewed?   That’s the whole goal.   Writers do not write for web pages like TheDR.World for money– because there is none.   The whole goal is to express one’s self in the hope that others read said expressions.   If they like it– cool, if they don’t– also cool.

Enjoy the “new and improved” previously banned article (changes from original will be boldly noted as deleted):

In a somewhat of a surprise move, immediately after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the Florida legislature would initially bypass addressing the “gun debate” instead opting to tackle the dangers of… uh, deleted(?).

Why not?   Is it not an easy target?   

After all, the Second Amendment folks are a vocal crowd, but who stands up publicly to declare, “I support the right to bear and possess deleted?”  Nobody, right?

In the year 2018– America remains in denial and liberally continues to repress sexuality.

You know, one must avoid morally bankrupt practices such as premarital sex and the impulsive desire, this decadence is obviously– not “natural.”  Every time YOU!!! masturbate– Jesus weeps.   Telling everyone how wrong they are for being human is a comfortable, uncomplicated narrated.   Especially when contrasted with striving to develop an honest, fair, and ethical strategy to combat gun violence– that sh*t sounds arduous, too complicated, just really, really hard. Instead, let the focus continue to remain as is.

Let the American society happily continue to track down, arrest potheads and pretend to crack down on “deleted but rhymes with corn dog.”

**NOTE: One holding a fancy piece that with an ever so slight, but proper squeeze will unleash a rapid ejaculation, round after round, of invigorating, molten-hot lead equals natural, loving, God’s will.  However, the possession of a plant and masturbation are not only WRONG, but it is also dangerous, and frankly– that sh*t is faithless, unnatural.

America remains such a weird country.   

A nation that commonly supports the notion, an idea, that somehow violence is more acceptable, far less grotesque than anatomy and inherent human behavior.

Consider how commonplace it is to teach our youth– a simple and straightforward narrative that they will burn in hell or that guns are beautiful.   The children are taught to responsibly to enjoy but respect their potentially lethal thundersticks– all standard Americana, right?

However, if a school or parent wishes to explain to these children the proper science teach them about their own body– well, that’s too much, too soon.  Just… HELL NO!  Instead, let us continue to focus on teaching our adolescence to:

 Love thy gun.  Shoot the neighbor that trespasses as they would exterminate thee  

To set the record straight, this column is not meant as a fix-all of complex ailments of modern society because such issues are complicated.

However,  it would be delightful to see a legislative *deleted* debate focus on the physical safety and emotional well-being of the men and women that work within the adult industry.  Aren’t they people too?

But the welfare of *deleted* stars is not popular, and it is much easier for the publicly uptight to rage their familiar anti-*deleted* legislative stunts that mainly achieve nothing.   For the politicians, the topic is a safe no-lose opportunity to gain positive publicity.   Then, later they can secretly use their gained trust, their authoritative mandate to embed covert benefits deeply within proposed laws– all to satisfy their campaign donors and PACs.  One man’s *deleted* is another man’s tax break.

Why are the uptight people the righteous ones?

How is it that those that gladly go against human reality, science, and animal nature are the ones that get their way?   Is it because ignorance is comfortable?   Is it due to inherited views that remain dominant and endlessly refuse to acknowledge the truth of a changing world, a changing reality?

Furthermore, denying the “facts of life” while repressing the youth tends to support ignorance that promotes risky behavior and real consequences.   As an example, the following two Center for Disease Control database outputs displays a regional analysis of America’s STD rates.

The first chart shows the regional analysis of America’s number one STD–


STD map

The second chart shows the STD cases, population, and rates per 100,000 people:

STD rates chart data

Check out the CDC data for yourself

(Note: the above link will require the generation of one’s own charted data.  However, the information is available and user-friendly.)

Now, compare the STD rates to Overall Best States Rankings in crucial areas such as Education and Health Care.   Does there not seem to be a noticeable correlation between proper education and healthcare versus STD rates?   So, again, why does modern America commonly accept hurting the youth just through a lack of openness, truth, and honesty?

Makes no sense, does it?

Here is a credible truth of America’s sexuality– our problems seem to stem from a non-acceptance of reality along with a lack of proper education (to include health and sexual education).

It would seem, as a male-dominant society– when it pertains to sex-related matters everything seems to boil down to “the man’s” inability to cope with a grim possibility– an imaginable terror– that women might see, experience, and gasp– enjoy a penis that might be a tad more magnanimous than the one they possess.

Guess what?

No matter what you are rocking (or lacking)– odds are, someone else has you beat (either way on the scale, higher or lower)– this fact and it is ok.   This hypothesis could help explain why our culture slut shames, fails to adequately promote and support women’s preventive health/birth control, etc.   While at the same time, many a gentlefolk collectively attempts to humiliate our women by assuring them how much of a shameless whore they might be– for the crime of…  being human.

Yours truly does not buy any of that sh*t; there is nothing to gain living just to condemn others.   As for the man-dick, well being compared to others– for better, worse, longer, shorter– it is only a part of the person, it should not solely define anyone positively or negatively.  Not that hard (pun intended), in fact, it’s a genuinely unchaste concept.

Back to the children.

On a final note, in an ever-changing world, adaptation is a necessity.   Back in the day, there was no internet, no “googling that sh*t.”   In a world before cell phones,  *deleted* was hard to come by, an extreme delicacy.  Thus, it goes without saying that today’s parents have to determine how to operate a new-age without a manual.  Let’s face it– nobody is sure of the lasting consequences of modern-day technology.

First, parents must decide when to allow their children to have access to phones,  computers, etc.  Followed by establishing how much exposure to concede?

Is it responsible to provide children access to products likely accountable for zombifying a whole generation?   Perhaps, technology will lead this crop of youth to follow a preceding period movement (but substantially modified) to: “turn on, tune in, drop out.”

As for *deleted*?

Here is a pure revelation.  Even if a parent decides not to allow their children to possess cell phones and monitors their home usage– so what?  No matter how much supervision or strictness a parent places upon their offspring– the rest of world does not care.  Sure, the homeschooled kid might survive such encounters, but that’s a small fraction of today’s youth.

The rest will be exposed to a variety of outside influences, to include both positive peers and, let’s face it, “that” kid.   The one that knows far too much, far too early, but is an imperfect-pseudo expert.   Thus, if parents are not willing to have an accurate, open dialogue with their children about the reality, potential dangers, and pitfalls of *deleted*— someone else will.

The choice is based on who do trust more– yourself or “that” kid?

As for the legislators, IF they believe regulating guns out of the hands of dangerous people… then, how do they… how can they… honestly ever expect to control and limit the widespread availability of *deleted* adequately?

Answer: They can’t.

On a final note. 

(Check out some cool TheDR.World products, your purchases are appreciated and assist website operations.)

The information world of today is overloaded with unlimited choices; this certainly applies to the availability of *deleted*.   Yours truly will admit to not understanding nor appreciating much of the new-age *deleted*.  “Back in my day” we had to walk uphill to school, in the snow, both ways– and hope to find a half-torn, worn down *deleted* magazine outside an abandoned building commonly frequented by the whinoes.  True story.

PS, since this work is a nostalgic reminder of youthful moments of limited-discoveries of wonderfully confusing smut, perhaps shall be the subject of future reflections.


*** On a final note, yours truly is not asking anyone to agree with the views within this writing– but please remember the First Amendment, yo’.   It’s just as important for me, or you, or anyone else– even those that horrible things to say– still all have the right to say it.   Nobody should be as 2 Live Crew was back in the day & that is “Banned in the U.S.A.

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