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Someday is Never: Stop Wasting Time– SIN

“Art” may not be popular in most circles within a meme-based world stocked with a reality that one either chooses or allows to be chosen for them.  Never forget the power of groupthink that spurs a new generation to find their “true individual self.”  That is, just as long as these “unique individuals” remain and adhere to a given group’s preapproved and already assigned roles.

Perhaps, if more people really took the time to “look” at art or to “read” a book and “think.”  Well, then, maybe, the new generation might escape the emptiness that commonly haunted their predecessors… so, dare to be different.

Through the power of creativity, the power of thinking outside the lines of the proverbial box, for this is the actual benefit, where potential materializes into kinetic energy.

**In other words, think for yourself, be you. 

Yes, that is not necessarily an easy task for way too many youth and adults alike, yours truly “gets” it.   Being different, independent thought, along with those that are not auto-conformed to an assigned “acceptable”  position within a given group are often singled out.   They might make fun of, pick on ya, bully ya around, or even inflict serious physical and emotional scars to bare for a lifetime.  I get it.

In fact, yours truly is one such survivor.  Someday, my guts will hopefully allow me to tell “my story” to the world; however, today is not that day.

Please, understand– no matter how isolated or scared you might find yourself currently being– do what it takes to survive, to live, and hopefully someday thrive.  The most beautiful humans often come about as a result from having lived through the worst shit humanly imaginable.    The key point– is to survive through the rough times, no matter what, do not give up on yourself.

To the younger readers, on a positive note, during one’s formative years, it is indeed common to want to “fit in” or be punished, singled out for being different.  Nevertheless, in adulthood, those that have always been the oddity become the rarity.   For most of those that may have done everything possible to “fit in” will find themselves wishing to be different, uncommon– but they likely will never do so.   Between youth into adulthood, the script switches, that which was once “odd” experiences a transformation similar to a worm’s metamorphosis to become a beautifully free butterfly.

Please enjoy a quick and short semi-explanation of one of my latest creations:

Someday is Never: Stop Wasting Time– SIN

SIN 18 July 2018

Someday is Never: Stop Wasting Time– SIN is an abstract design that relies upon a chaotic layout that also includes tranquil immersions.

The significance of the work can be determined within the color scheme that transitions from a dark, gloomy background on the edges that turns vibrant toward the piece’s center.

Additionally, symbolism places a crucial part in interpreting the piece.  From the faded dancer on the left corner to the rainbow in the upper right, each symbol, word, or sign is significant.  As not to ruin the individual interpretation of the few,  the last “clue” will be to take note of the placement of each representation within the color scheme.

A non-spoiler summation to “decode” Someday is Never requires an understanding of the symbolism and its significance/relationship within the piece’s background tone design.


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