Not that; that’s too much.  

It may certainly be lonely at the top, but success does make a fine partner to the loneliness.   For all those that work to climb the rungs, from the bottom to the middle, in pursuit of successful loneliness– isolation and solitude become badges of honor.

Self-doubt and self-questioning are championed by the consciousness that widespread support is an uncommon reality.   An eye-opening experience, most certainly, stems from discovering many of your “friends,” “family,” and those that “love” you– do so only as a convenient leisure.

The following gift is my experience in the world of writing, an account fashioned with ample love and truth.

The atypical origins of my journey would begin from a most typical route.   Being a word squibbler was never “my choice”– it chose me.

To be precise, once upon a real-time, a middle-aged man would grow tired of going to shitty places to make good money.  The fellow spent years working around the globe, in some good, in some bad, but never dull locations.

Examples include: 

A nearly two-year stint, often isolated, in the cold, windy, misery of St. Paul Island, Alaska.

The Alaska journey would be followed by another trip to Afghanistan.   The money was great, really great, but it required a sacrifice of life as it was always nothing other than work, work, and more work– 6-days, over 70-hours a week, every week.  That may sound like a lot, but actually, the work was not enough.  There was no pay for that one day off, other than catching up on sleep, there was no life to be had, to enjoy.

To escape the repetition of sacrificing life for money, a new life, with a new skill, was in order.

Back to school:

When enrolling for a Spring semester, my class choices would take aim at the subjects that were long-viewed as dreadful– in particular English and literature classes.  The way I saw it, might as well determine right off the bat if my decision would be a good one or a waste of time.

Since the semester was half-length in days, the class hours and workload were twice as much.  Long before “Google” came along, school and English classes, in particular, were always a nightmare.

During my youth, yours truly had questions, curiosities, and views that challenge conventional or ordinary thought.   Of course, anyone that has ever proposed a question an instructor did not know the answer to or does not agree with– automatically comes public enemy #1.   That was me.

Soon enough, writings would be underway, with the same full-length semester requirements, but with only half the time between papers.   While most of my classmates were struggling to write a five or seven-pages, yours truly was gushing out ten-pages easily.   Not only did words flow from me, they were abundant.   The ability to overwrite is often seen as a detriment; however, right out the gate, this would be a great lesson on creating superior compositions.  For whatever reason,  semester after semester, class after class– no matter the topic the words would continue to come easy as did unique perspectives.

Committing to writing full-time:

Despite kicking ass in class after class, the idea to actively pursue writing remained a pipe-dream that would only be realized through a challenge and a stroke of luck.

During an American government class, the professor through an impromptu demand to write an analysis of the new President-elect’s first Congressional speech.    Yours truly enthusiastically wrote a savvy piece that seemed to offer a uniquely insightful and bold but also smart-ass work that, I dare say, most students would hesitate to turn in.

Upon reading my gem, my instructor would insist, “You should consider being a political satirist.”

Undoubtedly, this was not the first compliment or recommendation that was bestowed upon my work, but what would make this time different than previous compliments is what was to come next.

Almost immediately after my professor’s statement, my eyes would roll across a posted ad soliciting political writers.

Not only would this be a paying gig, it would also include working for a legit pseudo-infamous political aficionado.

As a fan of learning and keeping track of the politics of the day, research would not be a problem; but, my true desire was not to be a politics first litterateur.   After mulling it over, I told myself:

“If you claim to really want to be a writer, then time to put up or shut up.”

The self-challenge would lead me to initiate contact and agree to write a “tryout” article.  My first official submission would be a creative editorial that utilized the plot of the original “Red Dawn” (featuring Patrick Swayze) to explain a need for an investigation into Russia’s election meddling, aptly titled:  The First Step to “Make America Great Again”: SOLVE THE “RED DAWN” MYSTERY (PART 1).

At first, the response from my “friends” and “loved” ones were supportive but over time,  that support would wane.   An unfortunate set of surprising events would result in a no-notice termination of my political writing gig, or so it had initially appeared.   However, during a short duration into the unknown, self-realization kicked in.   First, I knew that my writing must continue, for there is much remaining to say, it is me.   Secondly, there were innumerable issues (other than politics) for me to write about, much more.    Thus, the immediate decision was made to start my own page (TheDR.World) to build a platform to stoke creativity.

Unfortunately, a difficult reality would kick my heightened expectations right in the proverbial bollocks.

… Stay tuned for a personally painful tale of

Expectations vs. Reality

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