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Random New Creations #2

Please enjoy, or don’t, some random new TheDR.World creations.   All creative folks looking for an outlet to expose your voice to the world– please, contact us.

Join the Amazing Conversation: So Freaking Amazing

July 7 Amazing

What is there to say about such a “so freaking amazing” creation?

Without ruining the viewer’s personal interpretation, the underlying origins of the work’s context is based on my own internal struggle of dealing with the disillusionment of the surrounding world.   Dealing with an unexpected reality of fanciful hopes can sour trust in both “friends” and “loved” ones alike while also serving to debilitate creative self-confidence.

You have the Right to do: As You’re Told

17 June 2018

The genesis of “You have the right…”  derived from, once again, the surrounding world that keeps saying, “Do as you are told… or else.”    Such a domain issues demands and does not nor cares to understand anyone that is (or dares) to be different.

Put on your mask, be like everyone else, be “normal,” or be labeled.

Random Art of Weirdness:  Everybody Loves Head

heads July 10

The above piece has an underlying theme but to each their own.

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Last and definitely best of all, to those that really wish to see an artistic treasure, check out (if you haven’t already, or even if you have) the Childish Gambino music video “This is America.”

Undoubtedly, the true greatness within Gambino’s offering is through confusion and distraction, the work demands being rewatched, over and over and over again to attempt to figure out not just what is going on in the background– but what does it all mean?

After watching it 500-times, maybe you wish to check your own analysis with help from others.

To help out, here’s one of the million analysis of “This is America” to assist one in decoding or discovering some of the video’s “hidden” messages.


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