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Just Be Yourself…

The following account is a personal narrative; hopefully, it resonates with everyone else.  Just be yourself, but not your full, authentic self.   Nah, be the version of you, the real version, but only a more tame, controlled you– or nobody will like you.  Popularity justifies the acceptance of one’s uniqueness.  Ensure to blend your originality to “fit in” with everyone else, so, that they will all love you.

Yeah, all the previous jibber jabber may sound like a discrepancy, but rest assured, it’s the truth sprinkled with a petty of deception.

Remember momma’s list of contradictions, and you’ll be fine:

Don’t take drugs, unless the doctor prescribes them.  In that case, be a good boy and take all your opioids, as specified, they help ease the pain.

Share with others, when convenient. Otherwise, that’s hippie-dippie socialism.

Always look a man in the eye, be forewarned, if you stare too long or look the wrong way into those eyes– don’t be surprised if that man asks, “What the fuck are you staring at, asshole?”  This is perfectly reasonable, don’t overthink, just do it.

It is never right to bully anyone… that is not different or weaker.

Oh, my goodness, you are so unoriginal for not thinking and believing precisely as I do, ya brain dead rubish dote.

Choose peace over battle– unless the victory of war is simple and brings heavenly glory.

Does anyone think Columbus was not caring about the glory of peace when he opted to enslave, rape, murder, and pillage people he did not know?  After all, did thy Lord not say, “Take the babies away from their momma’s at the border and kick their mom’s ass– then, get them all out of here,” right?

And, of course, he would likely add:  “Treat thy neighbor with love, respect equal to thy self… until that “eye legal” son of a bitch steps into your yard– then shoot his ass.  One shot equals one kill,”  the Lord of distortion, not thy real Lord.

Finally child, 

Please remember– Johnny Sins is not always the “right” answer, but Johnny Sins is never the wrong answer.   

Always do the right thing, unless it is difficult, inconvenient or one has an adequately acceptable excuse to choose selfishness over virtue– for then they are the same.

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