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All Bleeding Stops… Part 2

The Right Tattoo design; Straight outta OZ

To read Part One

Welcome to part 2: 

How to choose a tattoo

Regardless, purity of selection comes not from selecting the “right” design, instead, it comes from the right design choosing you.

To prove this point

Please consider the story of Tobias Beecher.  For those are unfamiliar with Mr. Beecher, his tale is a classic route of how alcoholism overtakes his white-collar life to end his career as a lawyer.  One day, Mr. Beecher would make an unwise choice and drive drunk.  This intoxicated lack of wisdom would result in a crash that would take the life of an innocent child.

Unrepentant and without realizing or caring about the ramifications of his actions, Mr. Beecher would make a horrible choice of refusing to accept his responsibility.    He would turn down a plea deal that would see him serve a few years in a minimum security prison.

Instead, Tobias Beecher would opt to take his chances via a friendly criminal trial.   Mr. Beecher made an unwise assumption that his family’s longtime connection to the judge would ensure a conviction would result in nothing worse than a slap on the wrist.  Beecher anticipated, a friendly hook up would allow him to escape prison time– but he was wrong.

The judge had her own problems, so she chose to make an example of Mr. Tobias Beecher.   Not only would her sentence include more prison time for Beecher, he would be welcomed to the rough and tumble world of a maximum security prison.

Welcome to Oswald State Prison AKA Oz

Out of his element, Tobias soon learns that he is living in a new, foreign world.   A fearful Beecher befriends a kind older man that offers not just friendship but also to be his new, safer, and nicer prison roommate.

The sweet man, Vern Schillinger,  would prove to Beecher, not all incarcerated folks are bad people.   In no time, Beecher learns a hard lesson as his new best friend, Vern, is raping, tormenting, and tattooing his ass.   That’s right, not only is Vern not a nice guy,  he’s also more than just a bad person– Vern Schillinger is a horrible fellow.

Turns out, Vern is the leader of the prison’s Aryan nation “club.”   Of course, as part of the Schillinger indoctrination– Beecher must be properly branded with a “Vern was here” mark that is commonly known as a swastika– engraved upon his freshly broken prison ass.

Along with the tattoo, Vern’s continued cruelty would serve to change Beecher.   The swastika would serve a permanent reminder to Tobias of his transition between the person he once was to the one he will become.

Over the following years, Beecher and Schillinger would fight, kill each other’s family and friends.  Ultimately, their feud would culminate in Beecher taking Vern’s life.  In the grand finale, Mr. Tobias Beecher would find himself receive an additional prison sentence that would claim the remainder of his days.

The moral of the story is that the tattoo will always serve as a reminder of Beecher’s transition from a selfish white collar drunk driver into a cold-blooded killer spending the rest of his life in prison.

Of course, Oz was a fictional TV show, Tobias Beecher and Vern Schillinger never actually existed.

Advice on watching OZ

To those that never watched OZ but might be curious now to check it out, be warned, the first few seasons are great and feature a then-original storyline. However, somewhere during the shows run, the man-dick would be introduced.

At first, the introduction of penis seemed to be a natural part of the storytelling. Eventually, the practice seemed to be a way to attract audiences to feast on famous guest stars (such as Luke Perry) showing their franks and beans (no show should center around the big revelation of man-cock, that’s just weird, but for the interested ladies or dudes– no judgment, here is an NSFW link to so much, if not all, of OZ’s man nudity).

For the TLDW crowd or those wishing to avoid an overabundance of visual dude dongery:  a quick synopsis of the Beecher-Schillinger feud.

As a gift to those that wish to read more atypical comparisons between the significance of a tattoo versus a fictitious account of prison violence– enjoy reading “Tattoos, Desire, and Violence: Marks of Resistance in Literature, Film, and Television.”

At the end of the journey, here’s to hoping the never tat’d but curious crowd have a better understanding of the individual significance of their choice.

It does not matter why one chooses to get a tattoo. 

Nor does the specific tattoo actually matter.   Here’s a great truth– for the most part, nobody aside from the individual cares about anyone else’s’ tattoos.  So, if you get a tattoo, either by choice or as a result of bad life decisions, remember the work should serve as a reminder of who you were or have become.

Here’s possibly the best part of this writing, but it depends on– YOU!

TheDR.World wishes to hear your stories, ideas, or motivations for getting or not getting tattoos.

PS, with enough interesting stories, quotes, or opinions (and consent to share), I, DR, will include personal decision-making behind my tattoo choices.  Yes, I do have a real-life ritualistic system that throughout the years grows even more important.

Please check out the forthcoming unrelated related conclusion that will feature a real-life DR story.



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  2. Ah the ole tatto reasoning. I mainly got mine because, why not. I have some bad ones, some great ones and some I did myself. They are all important and I wouldnt get rid of any of em. Some mean a lot and others dont mean jack shit. Kinda like people.

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