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This is a real-life DR story about a band known as Biohazard.

Most people might only recognize the band’s name from the movie, Joe Dirt.   But back in the 1990s, yours truly was a colossal Biohazard fan.

Fortunately, during my time in Japan, the band would play a concert in a smaller club venue in Tokyo, Japan. Unfortunately, most of my friends did not share my enthusiasm for the group, but I was able to convince my buddy, Mike W., to take in the show under the simple idea of drinking many beers and having a great time.

Our travel to and from the concert would be via the Tokyo train system plus the use of leg power.   To ensure timely arrival, we would end up on the train well in advance of the show start time.  Being young, dumb, and true to the motto of having many beers and a great time, me and Mike brought plenty to drink while riding the rails.

The god’s of Rock and roll must have looked away from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Adventure, at least briefly, to insert their hand in Mike & DR’s “Cool Story, Bro” upping the ante to change the narrative title to:

“So much cool sh*t is about to happen that you’ll want to tell everyone– but, ironically, either nobody will believe you, or they won’t care– one or the other, dudes” kinda day.

The full account, as best I can remember, will be saved for another day.   For now, long epic short,  the notable highlights include lots of brewskis, an unexpected confrontation that goes well, the smallest Doc Martin boot imprinted on my head, meeting Biohazard, and somehow ending up scoring a financial profit from a concert that we had initially paid to attend.

As for the correlation to All Bleeding Stops Part 2

A few years after our backstage meeting with the band, the lead singer, Evan Seinfeld, would end up as an Oz prisoner, known as Jaz Hoyt.   Seinfeld’s performance during his Oz run was sound for a rock star turned HBO actor.

Ultimately, Seinfeld’s acting career would continue– but it would not lead to mainstream success.  No, perhaps based on his penis’ performance on HBO,  Mr. Seinfeld would end up a star in adult movies, aka porno films.

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