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Exclusive: Trump “Dick Nixon” Photo Emerges

TheDR.World, Exclusive, Trump, Dick, Nixon, Trumpeter

Ladies and gentlemen,  TheDR.World not so proudly presents to the world, an exclusive–  and perhaps a disturbing sight of a recently disclosed photograph.

It seems the long rumble of chatter, rumors, innuendo that damning photos of #45– may have been right, true all along.  Who knew?  Nobody could have known this believe me.

During TheDR.World attempts to verify the authenticity of the sole picture provided to us by our “sources” went largely ignored.    Apparently, no one “in the know” is eager to be the first to comment.   Leaving us to wonder… what are they afraid of?   Do not fret, someone will perhaps be able to “spill the beans” and the frank too, it is a mere matter of time.   Of course, it is also plausible they just have no idea who the hell TheDR.World is.

That is cool.  TheDR.World is the coolest site that most people have never heard of, believe me.  Who knew?

For obvious reasons, despite our personal tastes, TheDR.World believes the world deserves to see this groundbreaking discovery.   However, please understand that until further verification has been made– the latter “Trumpeter”  image could be an impostor.

Ladies and gentlemen,  this is your final opportunity to back out of seeing something that might be permanently scarring, deeply and emotionally disturbing.   Please realize, the eyes cannot unsee and the brain will never forget the following sight.

Out of compassion, a countdown will provide the user further opportunity to back out, nobody has to do this, it’s ok.

From 20:






15  Still, time to turn back, it is not too late





10  You don’t have to do this, bro or sister





5  Really?  You got some guts, kid.  We like that. TheDR.World salutes you.





.66628323552525 — Haha, Had to throw something crazy at you, did we not?  Could not just go straight to one, what fun would that be?   Plus, 3/4 or something would be the typical number, we’re not typical, friends.

Ok, brave souls,

Here ya go:





trump nixon 09 april 2018


A “biglier” version will be made available in TheDR.World Art page, please check it out later.

Thank you.


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