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Album Review: Ministry AmeriKKKant

The following album review will not feature the usual blah blah blah about the band, the sound of the whatever instrument blaring, etc.    Save such fine rhetoric for the likes of Rolling Stone, I’m just a guy that likes music.   Plus, the band for this discussion is Ministry.

Alright, let us all agree– Ministry is one of “those” bands that one already knows whether you fancy ’em or don’t.   There is not a great deal of gray area, those that enjoy the art of noise commonly known as industrial (with shades of techno) metal, then Ministry is likely one of your favorite bands.

What is the big deal about the new Ministry album?

Ministry was a band that was allegedly through, since way back– in 2012.

Yet, here they are, a new record that is allegedly inspired by the election of President Donald J. Trump.  As one might imagine, a few ex-Ministry fans are likely enraged and feel betrayed.   Although that occurrence is all too real, it is also kinda funny.

Come on, it’s music, inspiration does not equate to a reason to disown something one otherwise might enjoy.   Besides, anyone that takes political viewpoints from a musical record is totally doing politics wrong.    With that out of the way, what about the new album, is it worth a listen, a buy, or a skip?

At first, yours truly was skeptical, after all, Uncle Al is what… 70, 80-years old?

It is somewhat difficult to imagine the new AmeriKKKant album will rise anywhere to the best offerings of Ministry which occurred many a year ago.

The first two tracks (of the nine-track album) offer a direct condemnation on President Donald Trump, featuring his voice in both the first track, “I Know Words,”  and the second, “Twilight Zone.”    My apologies to the pro-Trump, now former Ministry fans, I was wrong.   However, “Twilight Zone” is a classic Ministry tune.  It is one that true Ministry fans will enjoy, while everyone else might say, “WTF?”

Ministry is clearly back– until they are gone again.

To my musical tastes, three tracks stood out above the rest: Victims of a Clown, We’re Tired of It, and Wargasm.  “We’re Tired of It,” is fanf*ckin’tastic as the typical Ministry industrial sound is replaced by a pissed off, speed metal offering.

Just a personal preference, but the crunching surprise of “We’re Tired of It” truly delivers.

After listening to the album twice, my decision came down to buying individual tracks versus purchasing the full album.   I counted ’em up, got four “must listen to” songs.  So,  instead of spending over six bucks for almost half the album– I decided to purchase the entire album (mp format) for a little over nine dollars.

As for recommendations, yours truly suggests longtime Ministry fans give the whole album a thorough listening.  As for the new or Ministry curious types,  start with the band’s earlier albums before listening to the new record.

The truth is– Ministry’s best days are behind them but can still be found in their late 1980s-early 1990s recordings.

If anyone is interested in purchasing Ministry’s AmeriKKKant, available in various options to include obtaining individual tracks– you are welcome:

Click here to buy new Ministry album (through Amazon)

TheDR.World reminds all that it is unethical to steal music from an artist.  So, keep take care of those that provide hours of joy and entertainment.

As a gift,  TheDR.World recommends checking out the following three Ministry albums (in chronological order):

The Land of Rape and Honey (1988)

The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste (1989)

In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up (1990)-  This is a live album which is fantastic and offers a fair sampling of Ministry’s best material.  

The following two “official” videos from AmeriKKKANT:

Twilight Zone 



Until next time, take care and if you can’t be cool, then just try to refrain from being a dick, fair enough?

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