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Excerpt from Book #1

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The following is an excerpt from my in-process and forthcoming book.  To not reveal too much, we’ll call it Book #1.   Currently, I know how the story unfolds, but have to finish dedicating to completing the first-draft, edits, re-writes and all that good stuff.

The initial writing is about 30% complete, based on a standard 100,000-word count equals the average book.  That seems about right, as the story has made it to the point of escalation which leads to the main journey within.

In the meantime, I offer this as a short example, just to see if it grips the reader.  If it does, then such motivation will fuel my desire to dedicate more time to complete this fantastic bastard waiting to be unveiled to the world.  If you wish to offer a book deal, that’s cool, but talk to my agent first, pal.

Also, if you wish to chuck a buck, just because–that’s cool too.  Personally, it is not a deal-breaker, it’s cool.

With all that said, please enjoy:

The Initial Teaser Cover.   Not to give away too much, just trying to spark curiosity.

The greatest truth every told was probably a lie, just as the greatest lie was probably the truth.

Where does one even begin on a story that’s already been told?   That’s a real challenge.  Not only that, how does one explain or even understand such a bestowed new (and if honest, f*cked up) name of “Glee Iconoclast,” hmm?

This is not my only dilemma, but I also face a challenge to follow my orders from the one and true almighty.   Now, I’m not overly worried nor concerned about making sense of everything, after all,  the response to my question,

“How am I supposed to tell this story?”

Was countered by nothing more than,

“You’re smart.   You’ll figure it out, bro.”

The Almighty’s confidence is undoubtedly appreciated.  However, one must seriously wonder if the entity has ever attempted to take important notes while tripping major balls?

In full disclosure, half of my “notes” look as if they were written by a third grader with a bad disposition and a horrible obsession with drawing animal-like dinosaur looking beasts.   Well, in my mind, they most resemble dinosaurs or other types of ancient creatures.   In the eyes of the novice, these sketches may appear more like a diverse ensemble of turd figurines.  Don’t judge, man, unless ye wish to be considered a dick.  Not positive, but I believe the omnipotent shared that great truth with me.   Even if not, I’m writing that sh*t down anyway, it sounds authentic–that is the key.

On the bright side, SPOILER ALERT,  failure will not result in eternal damnation, ughhh no pressure, right?

Understand, my gained knowledge is significant and mind-blowing information.  The truth needs to be told, and it is my charge to do just that.  Thus, it is probably wise to start at the beginning and tell you all about me, my journey, and the discovery of a mind-bending truth.

The events to follow are allegedly based on real-life events, I know, I was there.


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  3. I’m waiting in whimsical anticipation.

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