Once upon a time, due to various circumstances, one would occasionally discover themselves writing words in a book.   Most of these random words are jotted down, forever forgotten never to be reread.  Surprisingly, not all these writings deserve such a miserable fate, so– this work is dedicated to all the lost scripts that actually do not suck.


Themes: Blindly following tradition mixed with the randomness of brutality, arbitrary change that is long forgotten or discarded.


Another verification of my established conclusion that Baby Boomers are the worst generation (of recent eras at least).   They continue to support a systemic sociopathic culture.

Also, history repeats itself, and most are none the wiser.  Hmm.

Three, from 17 Aug 2017:

The primary comparisons between Huck Finn/America of today can be seen across a broad spectrum.   But for brevity, if one compares Pap’s racist views, disdain for education, and a neverending to blame all of his problems on the “government” to the modern day– is it really all that different?   Pap sees everyone else as freeloaders that are taking the free stuff that is rightfully his.   Again, I ask, is the modern day really all that different?

Four, a few days later, also on Huck Finn:

Huck Finn is an appealing tale for two key reasons, character and twists.   First, the characters within the story are humanized and individually well developed– each is also provided their own quirks, mannerisms, thoughts, and speech.

Secondly, and most important, Twain lays out a brilliant story with surprising twists, turns, and rapid changes in the most of unexpected ways.   Mark Twain was the Tarantino of his day.   Pulp Fiction has nothing over Huck Finn.

Well, scratch that.   The book is excellent as it serves up unrivaled symbolism, surprise, suspense, and wit.  However, somewhere around the mid-point until the end– everything changes.  It’s no longer dynamic.  In fact,  the journey turns into a clumsy extravagance of extraneous filler which seems like nothing more than an attempt to increase the word count.

# Five:  Since you stuck around, a reward.  Enjoy a created artistic scene–featuring me, along with my real-time words:

An update on the abhorrent gruesomeness that recently occurred in Florida, well, not really.  Everything about the event that yours truly needed to say… has already been said.

This is about the survivors, the youth, and the beginning of their self-realization.

Although the 1% will probably still own everything, when you watch the kids in Florida speak and rally–well, that’s a revolution right there.   In fact, this all looks like a repeat of history.   Unfortunately, it took senseless brutality to inspire the modern day revolution–but it’s the beginning of the end for the sociopathic Boomer generation’s ruined system.

The youth of today has a lot of potential, but they are also compassionate and brighter than those they are replacing.  It’s just that they had to be awoken to realize their voices are not only the future, but they are also the now.

I think the world of these young people, the system may be trying to keep them down –and for a good reason.   However, it will not work.   They will bring the change that is necessary, the societal heart–sorely needed.

Once upon a time, society was working towards fairness and equality for all.  Rest assured, nothing was ever fair nor even-handed,  but things were heading that way.  Then the generation that benefitted the most grew into adults.   Soon, they justified “greed is good” as they began to change the rules to increasingly help themselves.  Eventually, everything would become monetized.

“What?  You want a glass of water because it’s hot outside?  Well, ok, but that’ll be a buck-fifty, nothing’s free, jerko.”

Gradually, everything and everyone was for sale, nothing was sacred, everything could be bought and sold.    The same trend of materialism would continue until, a day after the storm, it was a beautiful day–on that day, it dawned on a new generation that money is not everything.   In fact, money is only a creation that’s real value is based solely on societal belief and worship–but it’s still not real, and it never was.

Every journey must start somewhere…even the road to nowhere– begins somewhere.



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