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A Loose Collection of Random Thoughts

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When one spends a great deal of lifetime writing, well, most of the writing ends up doing nothing.  However, some of those random scramblings of words actually hold value and merit.   This work is an ode to such fantastic but underutilized communications.

From February 2013:

Everybody knows Ricky Bobby prays to baby Jesus. Well, here is a description of DR’s personal Jesus: I imagine Jesus coming out to a lively upbeat tune…oh, just like Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” except his lyrics would be, “I am a real savior, fight for the souls of every man! I am a real savior, fight for the right for eternal life!” Then my Jesus would pump up the crowd with his superior mic skills. In fact, he would sound just like the Hulkster. Imagine, hmm: “Well Beezelbub and Legion of Doom, at Armageddon, we will meet in 1 final battle, the war to settle the score! So, WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN JC AND THE HOLY SPIRIT RUN WILLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDD ON YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

From February 2015, on the state of the internet:

Insert random meme here stating: “I post a meme, so like it, repost if you are brave, or I’m able to identify something funny that someone else created, thus making me creative! Picture taken of my food, of which you will never eat, so who gives a sh*t narcissism at it’s finest. I am morally superior because of my religion, I am neither brain damaged nor brainwashed enough to believe in any religion, a real man opens doors and sh*t, a real man also washes his balls, the dog, car and watches chick flicks, I am fragile, but don’t f*ck with me because I’m also hardened, my politics on a complicated issue summed up in 13 words that probably are not even true, plus, I can’t even intelligently debate my belief, so I say ’nuff said…when clearly enough was not said” meme.

From a notebook writing back in early 2016: 

When I was a young child growing up in a small West Virginia town, I distinctly remember the feeling of being an alien.  I use the term alien because it never felt like I was from or ever belonged in “that” world.

The work goes on for a bit and may make a significant tale someday.   Just remember, we’re all aliens to somewhere.

Random undated notes:

#1: Culture change occurs due to technology. Old people dying–gives way to the evolved.  Internet = more acceptance of diversity, but along with cell phones leads to decreased attention spans.   The truth became debatable, and the willful lack of privacy became a new norm.

#2: Hatred propagated by society gives rise to violence.  Violence validated through hatred often serves to provide as a reasonable excuse.   Although we may pretend to be better than past generations, deep within our core–we know, we are not!

#3:  Can one moment of clarity change the entire course of one’s life?  Or is it a mere delay of the inevitable?


Thank you for indulging my miscellaneous ramblings.  Be advised, yours truly has many, many, many more.   The beauty of words is that they are a glimpse into the mind of one that is commonly shared by others–it is just rarely discussed and acknowledged.   Do not be afraid to turn off the cellphone, read, write, or engage in a real-life conversation–dare to be exceptional.


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