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The Christmas Sham

Ah, Christmas.  The rarest of holidays, the one day the crowds come together to pretend all is well and nice in their world.

After all, it is Christmas, Bob.  Keep it together, you can always revert to being your regular a-holish self–that’s what tomorrow and the following +360 days are for.  Now, buckle down and keep your real thoughts to yourself, for one day, it’s Christmas.

Upon an honest evaluation,  the true spirit of American Christmas is consumerism.   From childhood, a majority are taught to log their desires of materialistic goods, if just if, you are a good boy or girl–you may get a few of your fancied trinkets.

However, non-compliance with the ranking authority well, that is unworthy.   Thus, the gift of nothing shall serve as a reminder to the rest of the world what happens to the outsider, the non-conformist–for they are undeserving of annual treasure.

After the coming together’s end, gifts exchanged, then the additional fun begins.

What did (insert name/relationship status) get you for Christmas?

Based upon your answer, well, that determines how loved one surely is or is not.   Perversely, this is the prevalent reality of Christmas.  The crowded malls, the wasted money, materialistic lust, and greed to prove that one’s love for another is worth the hassle to procure sought rummage.  For many, this the true meaning of the holiday season.

But what about the religious folks?

Depending on the religion, Christmas is also a way to dominate others by impressing upon them that one is not and will not be a victim of the imaginary “War on Christmas.”

“I will say Merry Christmas, goddamnit–and nobody will stop me.”  

Even despite no genuine war declarations, a too high a number of zealots will still manage to use the celebration as a guise to complain about Starbuck cups, crappy lawn displays (or lack thereof), and the satanic truth behind evolutionary science.   Plus, the holiday allows those with weak or faulty political positions to wage their campaign to attack others or to promote their own limited ideology/shitty politicians of choice.

It is not a coincidence, like Christmas, that religion is impressed upon many during their formative youth.  Have you never noticed they basically work (along with schools teaching unquestioned patriotic loyalty) to establish a society that is comprised of people that do what they are told?   One must either be like everyone else, or there is something amiss with you?

Unfortunately, the psychosis that grows or increased during the Christmas season is all too real. 

There are people in the world, right now, that are miserable–all due to being Christmas shamed.  Some find themselves not as measuring up to others all because they will not get the same (but preferably more) “great” gifts.

To all those folks, please understand Christmas and gifts do not and should not define who you are in life.  Furthermore, all should strive to reflect upon who they really wish to be, who they really are.  In some ways, Christmas is a gift to the poorer folks that endure hardships that might teach them what is truly significant and important in life.  In some ways, those richest in spirit may be those poorest in monetary terms.

Hopefully, these words uplift or help someone somewhere.   That’s the goal.

Few suggestions to show your loved ones how precious they are during Christmas:

If you are a woman that loves her man–a b.j. might be nice.

If you are a man that loves his woman–actually listening to what she says is a good place to show one’s feelings and love.

If you are a parent that love their children–actually pay attention to the little likely bastards and stop pushing your views as being mandatory for your kids.  No need to torture a child because they disagree with your obvious self-righteous attitudes that are right because “you just know it.”   Let the kid breathe and have a chance to discover who they are for themselves.

For your friends, it depends, but generally speaking–for now–just keep giving the sh*tty sweaters and other crappy gifts.  One must start slow, fix their closest relationships first before extending out to the rest of the world.

Realistically, most will dismiss these words in their pursuit of buying more shit for people that do not need it and won’t even like nor appreciate such gadgets.   To those folks, show your dissension by clicking the Amazon link below and buy, buy, buy to your poor hearts’ content.

An Amazon Christmas 

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