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Black Friday? Nah, I’ll Pass

Each year, earlier and earlier, people line up all across this great nation to get ready to defeat their fellow man/woman in acquiring a bunch of crap they don’t need.


Is it commercialism run amok?  Or the competitive spirit…that just does not wish to lose?


Since the dawn of time, people have shown themselves to be selfish, self-absorbed, and true haters to those they do not know.  As a wise man once said, “Do you know where you are???????  You’re in the jungle baby!!!!!!!!!!  Wake up, time to DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!”  Unless you are materialistic savage, avoid the malls, the shops, and especially the Walmarts of Doom on the upcoming black Friday–dare to be different.


Instead of getting all psyched up to wait hours on end, for crap you do not need, ENJOY Thanksgiving, or try to.   Avoid the lines, and just do all your gift shopping online.   To do you a solid, DR compiled a list of gift ideas for the dude(S) in your life.  Think of it as giving you the gift of knowledge.  Here are my early choices to buy for others, or to those like me, to buy for yourself (some of us are the ever Santa and virtually never a giftee, it happens, man).   Having said that, without needing the courage of liquor, here are my recommendations:


Retro games.  The three selected are all fantastic.  You can’t go wrong with the mini-retro games whether be a mini-arcade or mini-system–virtually all choices make for exceptional gifts for the old, the young, and all those in between.

Books.  DR loves to read, so should you.  For my first book recommendations, I went with classics and a new book.  The classics include the likes of Emily Dickinson and George Orwell.  Dickinson’s poetry is remarkable, it makes the reader look classy, dignified, and sorta creepy cool.  Don’t be afraid to start ’em young, as I also included a Dickinson poetry book for children, it’s never too early.   As for Orwell, both 1984 and Animal Farm are true classic tales that seem applicable to today’s world.   Oh, you already read ’em?  Well, read ’em again, pal.  As for the last book, I chose the new release Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win.  Honestly, I am holding out hope to get the Collusion book as it’s the most enthralling, and possibly greatest political scandal in American history, who knows?  That’s the whole point of the Mueller investigation, but this early book (guaranteed not to be the last), will certainly Make History Books Great Again for future generations.


Take DR’s advice, save yourself some time, energy, and perhaps blood and stay home, order some much-appreciated gifts.   Tell Amazon that DR sent you.

Oh, and you’re welcome.



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