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Metal Monday Videos

Just because it’s Monday is not an excuse to be a d*ck, right?   Right.  Welcome to Metal Monday, time to rock out with your sock(?) out.

Cover of Slayer – Payback

For the slow Monday starters.   It’s actually enjoyable and kinda good.

Not sure if Drowning Pool is Metal but…

a dude that’s body could hit the floor at any moment singing this song sure is.

Perhaps Sock Puppets singing a Pantera classic?

Re-adjust your sock, and walk on home boy.

Sepultura singing punk?

Sign me up, bro.  We are tired of your abuse, try to stop it’s no use.

A self-described Fat Guy mowing down water bottles with a sword set to Slayer?

That’s the most metal thing ever, EVER.

As always be cool.  Drop us a line and be sure to send us anything cool that comes your way.   In the meantime, enjoy your Metal Monday!   Live fast, on high repentless let it RIDE!

Long live the king of Metal:  Slayer.

However, Pantera was pretty good in their day.

One of the greatest tunes from not only Pantera’s best album but THE best angry metal album of all time–bar none.   That’s a bold statement, but we own it.

For those wishing to sing along:
I wonder if we’ll smile in our coffins
While loved ones mourn the day,
The absence of our faces,
Living, laughing, eyes awake
Is this too much for them to take?
Too young for one’s conclusion, the lifestyle won
Such values you taught your son
That’s how
Look at me now
I’m broken
Inherit my life
One day we all will die, a cliched fact of life
Force fed to make us heed
Inbred to sponge our bleed
Every warning, a leaking rubber,
A poison apple for mingled blood
Too young for one’s delusion the lifestyle cost
Venereal Mother embrace the loss
That’s how
Look at you now
You’re broken

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