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That Time Dave & Me went to a Danzig Show (Part 3)

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Finally, it’s time!  After 20 years of waiting, I will see a legend.  Indeed, any Danzig fan enjoys not only his solo stuff but also his work with the Misfits as well.  In an open venue, Dave & I find ourselves close to the stage.  As such it becomes immediately apparent why no cameras or cell phones were allowed to be used during the show.

DR Dave and Danzig3

There standing before us is a 5 foot 6 inch, a 55-year old hero that wears his age… wearing his famous see-through sleeveless black shirt, black pants, and the “Danzig” belt.  Side note, I had a belt made in Korea that shall forever be referred to as my “Danzig” belt.  Of course, I do not wear it because evil does not make for a comfortable strap–just throwing that out there.

Dave starts cracking jokes about Danzig’s moobs, his gorgeous man breasts, his chesticles or anything else you can come with.  Grow up, Dave!  Of course, I would never say that because Dave’s a cool dude.  Then as Danzig would turn his back on us, it became apparent that Mr. Evil had a heck of a comb-over.   Enough with that, we all age, nothing wrong as it beats the alternative, does it not?  Let’s get to the heart of the matter–the performance itself.

Rest assured, Danzig stated, and I paraphrase, “I’m not Britney Spears!  Therefore, I shan’t ever lip sync–all me, all the time, your truly, Big Evil!”

Overall,  Danzig put on a great show, but his song selection could have better.  I was glad each and every time he played personal favorite tunes such as “Tired of Being Alive.”  Now, it was clear going in that Danzig does not typically play Misfits tunes.  However, when he asked for song requests, somebody kept yelling out Misfits songs.   Sadly, maybe just me, but the whole place fell silent and the “what an asshole” eye fell upon as I yelled out every Misfits song–all of ’em.

Other songs on my personal wishlist that were not played include Snakes of Christ, I Don’t Mind the Pain, Am I Demon, Until You Call on the Dark, Sistinas, and many other songs of his extensive catalog.

The show would end after midnight,  there would be no deaths, no Godzilla sightings, nothing too weird to report other than an exchange of “I love you, boy” between two amigos before taking our separate long rides home.  As for me, made it to bed around 2 AM as it was a Thursday–had to be at work all too early in the morning.  Somewhere between falling asleep and waking up, I realized in a few days–the Deftones were coming.   Of course, we had tickets and did that.

Of course, I noted the setlist for the Danzig show–as someday–it might matter.  Well, here’s the setlist from the Danzig show:

Wotans Procession


Twist of Cain

Hammer of the Gods

Rebel Spirits

Her Black Wings

How the Gods Kill 

Do You Wear the Mark

Ju Ju Bone


On a Wicked Night

Deth Red Moon



Dirty Black Summer

She Rides

Tired of Being Alive

Located at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC on 11, May 2011.

The opening bands were: 2 Cents and Devil Driver.

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  1. I’m glad that you and Dave got to go to that Danzig show 🙂

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