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Will Video Kill “The Man” from Afar?

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Since the beginning of time, humans have expressed themselves through music.  The beauty of music is the variety of feelings it may generate to the listener.  Sometimes an artist offers up a vague meant left to be interpreted by the individual listener.  At other times, an artist will offer a direct, well-aimed message provided with the bluntness of a sledgehammer smashing down upon concrete.

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Think of how many songs race through your mind on a routine basis.  What do these songs mean to you?

Whether a catchy tune playing on the radio or an overly used and tired favorite such as “Happy Birthday”–sure, you know the lyrics.

They draw a lasting image into your mind.  Admit it, the song is a powerful medium to influence and appeal to not only you but to an even wider audience.  As technology grows and modifies, so does the influence of the music.  This evolution has allowed an artist to extend their range of influence growing from regional areas to now able to reach every corner of the globe.  Occasionally, an artist discovers an eager group of listeners confined to a limited musical variety–clamoring for something unique and original.

In recent decades, new platforms have arrived on the scene to allow an artist more opportunity to join with an eager world audience to expand their collective power–that can be felt throughout the world.  Among the first of these revolutionary changes was something known as Music Television (MTV).  MTV was a channel solely dedicated to playing music “videos” which provided an artist a new visual layer to incorporate into their works. Yes, MTV used to play music videos–it was their “thing.”

The video was a new dimension that allows the artist to add a visual layer to deliver additional meaning or statements to their music.   However, with the rise of the internet, artists no longer had to rely upon the demands of MTV and could reach new audiences–all by themselves.

This series will examine the significance of four distinct videos from four different decades (1970s-2010s) from four different countries.  Why?  Why not?  Regardless, you’ll get to watch these videos and likely learn some stuff along the way.

Let’s do this.

2 thoughts on “Will Video Kill “The Man” from Afar?

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