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That Time Dave & Me went to a Danzig Show (Part 1)

DR Dave and Danzig

That Time Dave & Me went to a Danzig Show

It was a bright day

What remains clear

May was the month

2011 was the year


After a long grinding day wasted on work, it was time to meet Dave for a lifetime moment–but the moment was not yet perfect.  Unfortunately, on the opening day of ticket sales, in a most sumptuous haste, I purchased five tickets–believing all would wish to see the one known as Danzig.  As we now stood with three extra tickets, I realized my overzealousness may have overestimated the widespread extent of Danzig’s appeal.

As we stood in the line of humanity, ‘some’ dude came up asking, “Hey you guys know where I can find an extra ticket?”  Semi-happily I replied, “I got one, and am not looking at making money, I paid twenty-nine…so give me thirty bucks.  No pointing in doing the hard math right now.”  An exchange occurred, as the line kept moving to enter the venue, now only two extra tickets remained.

Every half-minute of our wait was weirdly interrupted by a member of the venue’s staff yelling, “No digital photography, no cell phone is to be pulled out in the venue…OR you will be asked to leave.”   With a few crude jokes, followed by a nod of agreement, a realization–the man-god they call Danzig might be a little self-conscious of not looking overly man-god…ish.  Perhaps, evil might be showing the signs of aging or merely have an appetite for too much of the Devil’s food: chicken nuggets and doughnuts.

I pondered, “Did we come to see Danzig or Meatloaf?   Hmmm.”

As we make it to the front of the line, a decision is made to skip going in and just “hang out” close to the entrance for a bit.  After a few brief moments, ‘some’ dude and his woman would come looking for “two extra tickets.”  Haha, I have two such “extra tickets,” and they shall be yours, my friend.  Having paid fifty-eight bones for the pair, I sold them for an even sixty.   For it is written, one should never take advantage of those wishing to see the one and only Danzig.   Some may reasonably argue “How The Gods Kill” but they shan’t be any debate on how the gods sell extra tickets.

As for Sir Dave and myself, we joined our two new friends, at the end of the line, in an average blah blah blah conversation.  At such time, a friendly but misguided chap encroached us asking for assistance–he needed help drink his bottle of whiskey–for it would not be allowed inside the venue.  Always one to offer support to those in peril,  swigs were taken–and they were high-grade.  Since I had driven to the show, it would now be necessary to rock hard while doing without the pleasure of beer.  For the price of the whiskey, the beer must be sacrificed.  “Ok,” I thought, “for the whiskey was good.”

The opening band, Two-Cents (2-Cents?) came out, did their “thing.”  Much jubilation would occur as they announced their final song would be a Pantera tune.  Eagerly we awaited for a surprise twist as the band busted out their version of “Strength Beyond Strength.”   What more could a real Pantera fan ask for?

Once again, the gods had chosen to shine their favor upon us.  It was only a day or so before the show that I had told Dave, “IF I had to choose a favorite Pantera song–it would probably be Strength Beyond Strength, bro.”  For the gods gift the small things to the worthy few, or maybe shit happens?  Either way, one does not take for granted great treasures bestowed to them.


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