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Artistic Interpretation of a Poem

The Wasteland
The Waste Land Interpretation 

This creation represents my visual interpretation of “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot.  Those that enjoy poetry that doesn’t really rhyme–should read it.  For everyone else, just continue dumbing yourselves down, it’s ok.  With increased knowledge comes increased loneliness.  A deep conversation held alone is slightly deeper–but still shallow.

Unfortunate is the artist that can’t draw–a most saddest of tragedies.

What does it mean?  Well, read the poem.  I do wish to point out that everything within the picture has a meaning, the placement is no accident.  However, one must make interpretations of their own, that’s what makes a given art piece unique.

As for my interpretation of the poem, it’s a tale of self-realization and discovery.  Life leads to the death, death to leads to life–that’s the cycle.  Furthermore, over time no purity remains pure–it’s all corrupted.  Although they offer assurance, they are full of shit.  Money, power, religion, eternal salvation–all comes at a cost.

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  1. It all comes at a deep cost. 🙁

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