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Random Funny, Creepy Videos (Oct 22, 2017)

kidnap clown

As Halloween approaches, let’s do that.

The Perves Gonna Perve, Perve, Perve–Perve it Off

Few crappy videos have ever sparked so many parodies as the Chicago Bears “Super Bowl Shuffle.”   The Bears should have just stuck to beating the crap out of the NFL or taking a knee or something else–anything else.  Since the Bears original video sucks, it only makes sense that damn near all the rip-offs would suck even more.   However, some genius figured out that a crappy video + sex crimes = comedic gold.

What’s the Frequency, Max?

The ‘Max Headroom Incident’ is more creepy than funny, but here’s the thing, it’s a thing.   Strangely, it occurred 1987–in Chicago.  Imagine watching late night TV and some weird ass dude just pops in, all distorted, and then finishes it off by getting his ass swatted.  Nobody really knows what the intent was.  Was it political?  A prank? Or an extraterrestrial f*cking with us?  Who knows?  The incident ranks among the creepiest occurrences on TV–because they never caught the guy.   Whoever the guy is–he should be in consideration as being the “Most Interesting Man in the World.”

Jobbers are Gonna Job

Despite the WWE ruining everything that could have been, the debut promo for the Wyatt Family remains fantastically creepy.   If nothing else, one could argue that Bray Wyatt was predicting the rise of the Trump, man.

Just Clowning Around

Talk all the sh*t want, or watch all those videos of people beating the sh*t out of pranking clowns–but face it–none of those beatdowns went after a clown with a chainsaw.   Admit to your fear, especially if they are caring a chainsaw or appear to be bashing a skull in–run Forrest run.

Among the Worst, Among the Best

This rip-off of the Bears shuffle sucks.  The quality, clowns, lyrics, everything about this video sucks.  However, IF one pays attention to the words, one would likely discover these are great people that were doing great things for others.  In that regard, they are fantastic.  As such, here’s to hoping to add to their minuscule number of views because niceness deserves 15-minutes of fame too.

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