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Grandiose Self-Realization by Proxy

Intelligence Quotient by Proxy  

The Trump IQ discussion is undoubtedly an interesting curiosity.  Personally, I do not believe he is merely “dumb”; it’s as if he’s incredibly ignorant.  Perhaps, he’s slightly above average in natural intelligence but too arrogant to realize that he doesn’t “know more than the Generals” or other experts.  Apparently, his vocabulary, his knowledge seems extremely confined and limited.  It is almost as if he woke up one day and said, “That’s it!  I now know everything.”

In this regard, Mr. Trump is not rare as that seems to be a common pitfall of humanity.  In fact, I have come to see this same quality in many of my Trump supporter friends.  They also find Mr. Trump to be very smart, the smartest…believe me.   It’s as if they too lack a sense of curiosity and refuse to process any new information.  However, despite these folks (like Trump) claiming to have all the answers—they are weak at explaining any of them.  They too are impulsive, and their logical reasoning is questionable.

Not all of these people are low in IQ, in fact, they seem over self-reliant and stubborn.  Most people tend to overestimate their own intelligence while underestimating others.  Knowledgeable people share one universal quality.  They are smart enough to realize, “intelligence is not what you know, but to know what you don’t know.”  Intelligence is a never-ending process that becomes stagnant unless it is fed with books, information, discussion, and a continuation of learning.   Mr. Trump appears to lack such self-evaluation and realization abilities.

The Self-Realization of one’s True Prick Self

Once you get past your self-serving circle jerk, the truth is in the grand scheme of things: on a long enough timeline, no lives really matter. Yet through narcissism and selfishness, you make it all about you.  Truth is after every tragedy you call for peace and for the world to change. Then a few days later, you go back to being your real prick selves. You are what you should fear.


Cool story.  This serves as a healthy reminder that humans are nothing more than animals.  Sure, we may pretend to have some sort of civility.  However, the truth is at any given moment we’re only three steps away from snapping and beating each other to death.  Exciting times my friends, nihilism is the way.



Random Grandiose Idea

You can’t change history, am I right?  As such, one should wisely build statues under the guise of art.  Place these figures near, far, high, low, here, there–you know, everywhere.  The catch shall remain embedded within the cruelty.  Years later, publicly reveal that these beautiful artistic statues are comprised of infamous grandma murderers and such.   At the pinnacle of the public outrage, just state, “Sure, you can take ’em down, but you can’t change history.”

For those finding such a scheme too elaborate, utilize alternative solutions, such as collecting “truck nuts” (be sure to paint them blue) and then go around decorating your favorite statues.  If all else fails, the giant dildo plot always remains a viable choice.

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  1. Lol!! That’s great! Knowledge is real power.

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