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Random Collection of Words

By Darrell Roberts

The words to follow are just random thoughts that were written and never used until now.   Enjoy a compilation of simplicity, mixed with explicit duplicity.

Creating Religion

When making a proclamation or judgment, your opinion isn’t worth shit unless you can defend it.  Frankly, it’s the same thing as religion.  For example, IF I came to you and said, “dude, the Purple Unicorn God of the Universe came to me and said, ‘Bro, I am the one and true universal God!’ and yeah, Universe God.  He informed me there are 37 different planets with life.  However, we’re all segregated because of our lack of homogenous consciousness.

P.U.G. tole me, “When you die, you move on to another planet based on your consciousness within this lifetime.  It’s kinda like celestial Buddhism and shit.”  Then, if you questioned the validity of my claim, I would challenge you to “prove me wrong.”  That’s not how it works.

Under my claim, other religious claims, the onus is on the person making the claims to prove their validity.  Same thing.  Damn, I just started a basis for my own religion. Note to self: before death–pull an L. Ron Hubbard and write a book that starts a new religion. Doable.


It does not take an economist to tell you that trickle down won’t work.  Furthermore, here’s a drop of fact upon you:  around WWII period, almost 40% of American tax revenue was collected from corporations.  Today, that number is around 10%.

Sure, there are reasons for this.  But many of the same assholes screaming against globalization have turned to globalization.  The truth?  We’re suffering from the growing pains of a post-industrialization world.

A couple of our options:

  1. Invest in systemic education that bolsters innovation to boost America toward the forefront of the changing worldscape.  OR
  2. Fight a bigly war that wipes out most of our systems and starts over from the beginning (or close to it). OR
  3. Continue to b*tch about Mexico, China, and everybody else in the world while getting pwn’d systemically by the corporations and the man.

#3 is the likely option.

Divisive Economics

I’ve never understood the argument against people wishing to earn a living wage.  Especially when the case comes from those that also do not make much of a living wage, yet they pissily claim, “but they want 15 dollars an hour!”  The divide and conquer strategy has worked at least as far back as the wealthy slave owners pitting the poor Southern whites vs. the freed slaves.  That’s what you don’t get: you are being divided and conquered. Pitted into a human version of economic dog fighting.

In the meantime, they will cut Dodd-Frank which will reduce consumer protections.  Then, they will figure out how to make tons of short-term big $$$ payouts to CEOs and others for shady business practices.  Over time, these shady dealings will lead to another crash (just like 2008-09), and the little guys will be the ones getting fucked…again.

Resistance is futile, as we’re a nation of the selfish, the oafish, and the pussyish type of people.  Collectively, I have zero faith in you(S).

Hypothesis vs. Theory Conundrum

A hypothesis is not a fact, it’s  a *noun meaning: *a supposition or proposed explanation made by limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.  In fact, my refusal to call it a “theory” was intentional as not to undermine the scientific meaning of the word “theory.”

Being an Effective Hater

One of the most important things of being a legit hater is understanding the need for patience.   As I often say, “The bigger the stakes, the harder the fall.”  Wait for it, and then move on it…but not like a pussy grabber that moves like a bitch, NO!   Instead, pounce like a “laughing” yet ruthless hyena.

Patience of History

It’s been a long wait my friends, but your patience shall be greatly rewarded.  In the meantime, make a list and never forget.  Twenty to thirty years from now, they will be producing TV shows about the ridiculous years from 2000-2020.  Standing on the right side of history is worth far more than selling out your credibility, morality, and the greater good of your society.


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