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Twitter Battles with #Dotardables

Occasionally, President Trump will say or do something that is controversial.  Come on, we all know occasionally = damn near every day, don’t we?

Oddly, Trump still has a few vocal defenders.  Every once in a while they try to “stand by there man” but end up going down in bigly flames.  Their rhetoric is weak, and it’s hard to defend the undefendable.  It’s even more difficult when a nitwit, dimwit, or half-wit attempts to defend the undefendable.

With that in mind, enjoy a few recent exchanges between the Iconoclast and a few #Dotards.

Here’s a screen capture from the above tweet (still awaiting dude’s reply–it will be coming–he’s probably still trying to sound out my reply–that’s all):

DR tweets1.JPG


Here’s a screen capture of the war of words, but click the tweet above to see the full exchange:

DR tweets

Hope you enjoyed, until the next time, stay cool.

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