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The Iconoclast Interviews #1

The DR World do you know:  The difference between prejudice, stereotype, racism, discrimination, and institutional discrimination?

Prejudice- rigid, unfair generalization toward a entire group of people.

Stereotype– simplified description applied to all within in a particular category.

Racism– belief that one racial category is superior/inferior to another.

Discrimination– unequal treatment of people, based on beliefs.

Institutional discrimination-bias built into a societal institution such as within schools, corporations, and other organized entities.

Interview with DR:

Can you give modern day examples of prejudices, stereotypes, racism, discrimination to include institutional discrimination?

DR: Most certainly.  Well, look no further than the current President, Mr. Donald Trump.  He’s a shining example of damn near each of those.  Plus, he’s a fine illustration of how sexism still matters.  Despite it being evident that a woman was more qualified to be elected–well, all he had to do was label her a bitch.  I’m not technically sure which category that falls in.  Let me think about it (pause).

I would say Trump’s actions played on stereotypes and into institutional discrimination.  There’s no way his dumbness during the Presidential, one-on-one, debates holds up against a dude.  I know it.  You know it.  Everybody knows it.  Haha.  I walked away not only sure that Trump was not qualified, but also seriously wonder if he can find Syria on a map.  His answer on Syria was the most terrifying example of incompetence ever displayed for a Presidential candidate.  At least during my lifetime.

Do have more examples that you wish to provide? 

DR: Shit, I’m just getting warmed up, haha.  Let’s see, Trump also used prejudice against Muslims and Mexicans as a mechanism to blame/control others for his own benefit.  He played up the stereotypes too, right?   I mean, does anyone really believe that all Mexicans are rapists and that all Muslims are terrorists?

Scratch that, I forgot who I was talking about.  But it’s pretty goddamn sad that every time an attack occurs–our society is too interested, primarily interested in finding out the perpetrator’s alleged religious affiliation.  Of course, that only becomes the talking point if the terrorist claimed to be affiliated with Muslims.  That’s fucked up.  I mean, we continue to ignore the fact that the Federal prison system is overwhelmingly stocked with those proclaiming to be Christians.  As Trump might say, “Do you think your religion is so innocent?  Well, it’s not.”

Why do you think that is? 

DR:  Hypocrisy, haha.  Um, the easy answer would be prejudice or racism but truthfully, it’s more about institutional discrimination.  Honestly, how many smart religious people are there?   I don’t mean that in a bad way, allow me to clarify.  How many free-thinkers do you know that are religious?  Almost none, right?  In America, religion equals money and control.

It is said, and I believe it’s true,  a society’s morality of right, wrong, religion, values, and what is and is not acceptable is a reflection of those that rule that society.  In America, religion is big business, and those that make the most money from it, such as your holy rollers–don’t want anybody undercutting their profits.  They push the narrative, and their “flock” gladly eats that shit up.  Of course, then the flock attempts to use their, what I call, “religious” card as a means to control others.  It makes them feel superior through artificial means.  Think about it.  It’s not like they have to be smarter or even have to prove anything.  There basic logic is, “I’m right, you’re wrong.  I can’t prove it, but–don’t need to.”  That’s their basic spiel, man.

What is the greatest threat to America?

Americans.  No fooling, allow me to explain using the American Civil War as an example.  More Americans were killed in the Civil War than any foreign war, it’s not even close.  In fact, the number of American casualties in World War I through the Korean conflict added together–still don’t add up to the number of Civil War deaths.  It’s not until you add the numbers to Vietnam before you equal and finally exceed the Civil War numbers.  That’s fucking insane.  However, it goes to show that the greatest threat to Americans is other Americans.

How do we resolve such a threat?

We don’t.  I mean, shit.  Look.  It’s a sad but simple truth.  We have too many people that flip out over a random attack that might kill dozens.  Yet, these same people gladly turn a blind eye to thousands of American deaths annually at the hands of our fellow Americans.   That’s probably due to the love of the precious guns.  Who would Jesus shoot, am I right?   Shit, I know some, many people that have died from gun violence, man.  It’s sad, you know?  But the weirdest thing is that despite not giving a fuck about responsible gun use, our society gladly overregulates everything else.  I mean, who gives a fuck if someone wants to smoke weed?  I seriously believe in a “free” country, take all the opioids you want, or, shall I say can afford.  As long as you ain’t hurting nobody else, whose business is it anyway?  Who cares?

Stay tuned for more Iconoclast Interviews.  

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