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Random Videos to Watch (Oct 14 Version)

You say God, I say Say10.

The new Manson record is out.  The songs that I have listened to so far are rock solid.  After watching President Trump’s catering to the American Taliban yesterday–“true” Americans need to have this song ready to crank at a moments notice–for freedom.


Repentless–was not a word before Slayer.

Slayer may be old–but they still got “it.”  Live fast on high, Repentless–let it ride.



Gonads & Strife.  Gonads in the lightning!

Sh*t Mike Tyson says

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to care about the latest outrage (such as the Cam Newton press conference) when one has witnessed Mike Tyson throughout the years.

Never trust a dude named Sak.

When I came to Spain and I saw people party…I thought to myself WTF?’

All day, all night, all day, all night.  The song of those that work all day, all night.

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