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DR Art Explained #1 (Mitch’s Bitch)

Mitch’s Bitch


This aesthetically pleasing beauty is titled: “Mitch’s Bitch.”  Among my first creations, it was produced shortly after Senator Mitch McConnell (seen with the bat) told Senator Elizabeth Warren (seen in the right-hand corner) to “sit down and shut up.”   Of course, it also coincided with the arrival of Negan on the television show  “The Walking Dead.”

The first thing one may notice is all the words.  This dialogue comes almost verbatim (with minor changes) from Negan’s bashing skulls speech.

What does it mean?

All art should be seen individually in an “eye of the beholder” type manner.  However, I shall share what “Mitch’s Bitch” means to me.  First, Mitch as Negan represents him as a bully.   Warren’s black eye indicates that she was his victim.  But the main message within this picture is the guys all on their knees and doing nothing.  This was my way of saying someone–especially dudes, should have stood up on her behalf.  They didn’t.

Unfortunately, in my great enthusiasm to display my magnificent work, I made the mistake of posting it on a couple of boards that I really liked.  Perhaps, it goes without saying, but posting this picture led to me being kicked out of a few of my favorite groups.  Even worse, nobody commented or even acknowledged this particular work.

What did I learn?

Well, it sure as shit wasn’t to stop producing such great artistic treasures.  Nope.  Instead, it made me vow to improve and to develop my creations to a higher level.   It also taught the most valuable of lessons–don’t use too many words.  People don’t read.

People don’t read memes, unless it is a strictly political meme meant to further their partisan ideology.   Those memes generally pertain to complicated topics that are reduced to simple bullshit narratives of half-truths or complete propaganda.   That was never a part of my plan.  Ideally, my creations are works of symbolism.  It is my hope that as the pieces continue to evolve that eventually become looked at, studied, and discussed within the same context as “legitimate” art.

That’s the word.  Let me know what you think.  If there’s any work you wish to see discussed, provide that valuable feedback.  Furthermore, by all means–tell your friends, your enemies, or people you may just wish to piss off about TheDR.World.

We’re growing, you either join us now or later–either way, we’re too cool to even care.



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