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Random Videos You Should Watch

I never have dinner with the President.   When I see your ass again, I’ll be hesitant.


Every day is good for Slipknot.  This is an old song.  Spit it out!

Just an opinion, but the “Jump the F*ck Up”= coolest crowd reactions (aside from a Slayer show that is).   American concert crowds need to put down the nachos, put the phones back in your pocket, and get back to rocking the f*ck out.


I am twice the man you are & I have half the brain…that you do.

All Sid promos are awesome.


Check out Calling All Astronauts, cool.

The dancing in the video is fantastic, wonder who got the highest score?

That’s a reference to “Grandma’s Boy.”


Saw this one a few times on a Polish music channel.



Check ’em all out, share it with your friends, and let me know what you think.



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