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Funny Random User Comments

Everyone needs a hobby, right?  One of my longest and most favorite pastimes is to copy user comments and other funny sh*t that I stumble across online.  Why?  Who knows?  Weird all weird, man–we just subscribe to different types of weirdness.   But now I can dig deep and share part of my collection.   Now, who is the weird one?  Oh yeah, at least it might be entertaining.  Let’s see, shall we?

Trouble in CamelotcraigslistApparently, Janice be a’ screwing a bi-sexual co-worker while he’s golfing.  Somebody better let President Trump know–he golfs a lot.  Would that make him the first “cuck?”

Horny Dudes Need not Applydudes from craigslistWhat’s up, ALL CAPS?  This fella can’t get a real-life human…but when he does–it’s a guy trying to trick him into fucking.   On second thought, depending on how many unsolicited “dick pics” that he has received, I can kinda understand the ALL CAPS.  However, as a general life rule:  Always assume every horny person that is met online is a dude.  It’s always a dude.  OR if it’s not a dude, it’s Chris Hansen.  So, unless you are looking for a dude or to meet Chris Hansen then meet a dude in prison–I’d stay away from trying to hook-up on the Craigslist.


The Lyrics to the Latest New Country Hitnumber 1

Hmm.  This post is from a woman.  What I said above is not technically incorrect…because she’s not horny.  In fact, she is trying to find a dude that won’t be “lieing” and is not into “Childress” games.  Be advised, there are lots of exs that “try’s” to start problems and “ruine” your love.  Not really sure what the purpose of her writing is.  Is it to score a dude?  If so–not a way to score a smart, kind, or any dude other than a horny douchebag…which apparently is already her problem.  Here’s a tip, if you want all those things–be all those things.  Plus, nobody that does not know you is even remotely interested in your endless complaints and bitching.  Also, try throwing in some periods or commas and such somewhere between those horrendously long ramblings.  As for where those commas and such go, nobody really knows–so, just throw some in there.

Thanks, Obama!!!!

03 28 user comments.JPG

I scored this beauty in late March 2017.  It came from some kind of fake meme bullshit about Obama trying to run for a third term.   These derps–felt a need to debate the legality of a third term.   They also used their opportunity to say some racist shit and one of them even claims, “he shouldn’t have been…in the first place beings he a Muslim & wasn’t even BORN in the STATES…”

The BORN and STATES being capitalized is even funny, you know why?  Because it’s an attempt to talk down to others while feeling superior.  The only problem is…um, it’s wrong.   Let’s just pretend Obama was born in Kenya.   Ok, even then…his mom was a white American lady from Kansas.   Based on his father being Kenyan, mom being an American–that would make him American…even if he were born in Kenya.  Hell, that would make him–Ted Cruz.

After all, Cruz was born in Canada, born to a Cuban father and an American mother.  Yet…most of these people didn’t even bother to connect those dots.

The strangest thing of all, despite knowing plenty of people that hate Obama so much, none of them can adequately explain it.  Not one.  Sure, they say things that they hate about the man–but it’s always ridiculous propaganda or based merely on their “feelings.”

Personally, I’m indifferent to all politicians as in–I don’t know them.  Thus, it is not natural to hold great disdain or hatred for anyone that’s no closer than a stranger on the television.

The best arguments that I’ve heard against Obama are: the increased debt and ISIS forming in Iraq.  However, both fail to credit George W. where due.  For instance, in January 2009–America would enter into the 2nd worst economic crash in its history (behind the Great Depression).   As for the troops leaving Iraq, that was a W. decision, but he had no choice because the then-President of Iraq would not approve the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).   The Iraqi President played up to his political base’s desire to try American soldiers in Iraqi courts.  No way that was going to happen (nor should it).

There were legitimate concerns and complaints to be waged against the Obama administration, but when half the damn country went to buy all the guns and dress as colonial LARPers–it sorta drowned out the reasonable voices of dissent.

Come on, if I were to complain about the substantial increase in droning the shit out of people along with such things as cracking down on journalists, that pails in comparison to saying the man smells like the sulfur of hell–because’s he a demon.  Or a Muslim, or a Kenyan, or a host of other derogatory made up things.

*Tip: These people undermined themselves so much that–as far as I am concerned, they have no credibility until:  They break out of those FEMA Walmart camps, reclaim their guns, and find that “real” birth certificate.  Until all that happens, I could care less what these people “think.”

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  1. I can dig it. Right on. I could care less what anybody thinks either. I’m shutting down for the night DR. I shall continue when I can. I enjoyed the reads immensely. Keep them coming. 😉

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