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Iconoclastic Musings #1

By Darrell Roberts

Think about this,  us Americans live in a society that a weapon that will blow your fucking brains out is celebrated.  Yet, words like fuck, cunt, and goddamn are considered offensive. That’s not even mentioning the significant offense of the dildo.

Some University of Texas students proved that with their “Cocks and not Glocks” campaign. Talk about being ridiculous. My non-fondness for most people makes perfect sense. Just think, the attached pic is considered offensive by the same people that love their guns as if they were bestowed up them personally by Jesus.

I could care less–if they kept the shooting to themselves, but no.

The way it usually goes, 5,000 bullets are unloaded into a full crowd–and the only bright person with the group would be the only likely victim.  You know, the kid that was well on their way to discovering the cure for cancer or something.

The general absurdity of society is not acceptable to me. As an iconoclast–I must piss on everything they have ever loved.

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