“A Tree” was originally posted on October 6, 2017.   The update includes the updated version of October 2018 tree, a year later. 

By Glee Iconoclast

Admittedly, this was a real journey.  During my trip, there would be numerous stops in search of “the perfect work.”  I never found it.  Thus, I turned to a basic, status quo search of local works around public buildings (such as courthouses).  Nothing really “spoke” to me.  Then, I turned to other avenues (to include graveyards) in finding “the perfect work.”

So, as I decided to explore a tiny town for unseen masterpieces, I stumbled upon an old telephone booth outside of a long-abandoned business.  In a world of created beauty, it stood out, it was weirdly beautiful and artistically telling.  My eyes opened to really think outside the box of normality.  With this newly found focus, I simply went for a walk.  It was during this walk that I stumbled upon “the perfect work.”  The picture above serves as photographic evidence of the discovered masterpiece.

Now, allow me to share the details about this artistic wonder.  First, it is a freestanding site-specific Earthwork.  Initially, it was created using a natural additive process.  Gradually, the work has slowly transformed by subtractive processes.  Today, Mother Nature continues to carve into the piece, changing the symmetrical perfection into a dying asymmetrical ruin.  The once perfect shape, balance, and color continue to slowly erode under the watchful eye of Mother Nature.  The once lively green leaves are turning brown as the content reveals a sadness associated with loss or death.   Yet, for a short while, Mother Nature will shine her spotlight onto the piece to briefly shift the content to hope as it divulges “the perfect work.”

“A Tree” in October 2017.


October 2018 Update

As a nostalgic, it only seems natural to share the status of such a wonderful tree.   The tree also holds significance of being the first TheDR.World post.

Like most living entities, the tree faces the same time-determined reality– to continue to live or to die.  Unfortunately, the tree is either in the final throws of death or dead.   This is evident by the appearance of the mushroom.   A mushroom growing in, around, or on a tree is a certain indication of the tree’s demise.

This is the tree as it naturally looks:

“A Tree” October 02, 2018.  

The following is a modified dedication to the life of the tree, the coloring scheme represents sadness within the tree’s demise.

Love and respect nature, love and respect life.

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